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Plagues, Witches, and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction, University of Virginia

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A unique and exciting introduction to the genre and craft of historical fiction, for curious students, aspiring authors--anyone with a passion for the past. Read classics of the genre, encounter bestselling writers of historical fiction, and discover your own historical archive while interacting with a global community of interested readers....

64 个审阅

创建者 Stephanie

Feb 28, 2018

I managed to suffer through 2 weeks and finally gave up. I adore historical fiction and this course drained the life from it.

创建者 Vincent Le

Feb 19, 2018

The content was very interesting.

创建者 Marianne Powers

Jan 10, 2018

Great class! I particularly enjoyed the author's talks. Hearing about the writing process was fascinating. I learned so much about the evolution of the historical fiction genre, which is my personal favorite. More books have been added to my lengthy list of books that Must Be Read.

创建者 Carlen Hultgren

Dec 28, 2017

Learned so much, I might take this course again! It prompted me to read several books I had not read before as well as learn much about my own writing. Thanks!

创建者 Margaret L Barnes

Nov 09, 2017

This course was unique in presentation as well as content. Professor Holsinger's videos were rich and focused. The author videos provided valuable insight into research and character development. I expected there to be writing assignments (having completed the Creative Writing specialization), but I now know that was not the purpose of the course. From a research standpoint, this course was outstanding. Thank you, Professor Holsinger. -Margaret (Peggy) Barnes, Mentor, Creative Writing, The Craft of Style

创建者 Jennifer Devanny

Oct 22, 2017

I actually loved this course!!

I also loved how many female writers and their novels were included in the course! Such a refreshing change.

创建者 Melissa (Lisa) Crow

Aug 10, 2017

Very enjoyable

创建者 Johnathan Andrew

Jul 10, 2017

Loads of problems with old assignments getting lost, and now there isn't even a creative outlet for students. Disappointing in that respect.

创建者 Madeleine Weber

May 11, 2017

Really interesting course. I loved the interviews with all the different writers.

创建者 Kage Guenther

May 09, 2017

This course is a poor transfer from one of their online or hybrid courses. The professor constantly mentions readings that were never put in the Coursera lessons, and the quizzes are on those readings. DO NOT TAKE!!!