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Intro to Acoustics (Part 1), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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This course introduces acoustics by using the concept of impedance. The course starts with vibrations and waves, demonstrating how vibration can be envisaged as a kind of wave, mathematically and physically. They are realized by one-dimensional examples, which provide mathematically simplest but clear enough physical insights. Then the part 1 ends with explaining waves on a flat surface of discontinuity, demonstrating how propagation characteristics of waves change in space where there is a distributed impedance mismatch....

5 个审阅

创建者 Shanta Perera

Dec 03, 2018

The course uses videos with powerpoint displays within the video. Often the contents of the Powerpoint is not visually clear (ie too small to make out). You cannot download these powerpoints. My last straw was when I encountered a powerpoint (lecture 1 part 2 around 16:45 mins) when the video skips a section of the powerpoint slide. This meant that there is a reference to an equation which one has not seen. This is not just frustrating, but incredibly poor production. In maths/physics references to equations, eg Z, is meaningless unless you know what Z is!! Furthermore the lecturer refers to his textboook where " ... the derivation of the equation is shown" - the book incidentally is over GBP50! Don't waste your time on this risible course. Either find another decent MOOC from someone else or buy a book.

创建者 Aitor Aramburu Pino

Sep 27, 2018

Interesante curso para entender qué se esconde detrás de las fórmulas

创建者 raja vikram vangala

Jul 07, 2018

I recommend this course if you want to learn acoustics. I enjoyed this course.

创建者 Saurabh Shegokar

Apr 22, 2018

Very informative and useful. The Teaching methodology is impressive.

创建者 Arun Sulkunte Iyengar

Jan 19, 2018

Great course.