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学生对 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Inheritance and Data Structures in Java 的评价和反馈

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This course provides a comprehensive look at Java inheritance, including access modifiers and overriding methods. Students are introduced to abstract classes, and will learn how to read and write to files, use regular expressions for parsing text, and how to leverage complex data structures like collections and maps. Additionally, this course offers strategies for catching errors and debugging code, including an overview of Eclipse’s debugging tool....



Dec 3, 2021

This course suits everyone who wants to start learning programming. The assignments are really challenging but interesting.


Apr 8, 2021

Cool course! Main concepts explained and requires to do some homework over google to complete assignments!


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创建者 Patrick S R

May 3, 2021

This course failed teach. It's heavy on "what to do" and very light on "why you do it." There's no community of students, no support in the forum (a total ghost town), and the code is not quality tested resulting in frustrating learning experience.. Don't believe the numbers on Coursera, I'm one of the only students to complete this course. I recommend, instead, that you take Harvard's CS50 (on EdX). I'm going to take CS50 myself, now, to learn the materials (theory, principles, purpose) that weren't taught here. Strong suggestion to move on.

创建者 Adrian J

Feb 6, 2022

This is the last course of the Specialization: "Introduction to Programming with Python and Java". As a "beginner" with no prior experience in programming with Python and Java, the Specialization has been a fantastic experience. I can absolutely recommend it to everyone looking for a solid introduction with leanings applicable to the real world. The instructor is on the spot, the curriculum follows a clear structure, and the assignments are hands-on and challenging enough to get you sweating and be grateful for the discussion forums. Overall, the courses were a great source of motivation and encouraged me to continue with computer science. Well done, Brandon and Team! Thank you so much!

创建者 Raymond Z

Dec 30, 2021

T​his is the first online course I can hold on even with challenging labs, thanks to the forum and posts from the staff and fellow virtual classmates. I never feel as confident as now to put myself in the programming related job. Actually I'm quite excited to finish this course and get all four certificates.

T​he most beatiful moment is after you click submit or "mark as complete" followed by a fireworks message prompt out with your cert. A good rewarding mechanism.

I​n short, I love this course, it is a milestone of my personal life.

创建者 Gabriel T

Dec 5, 2021

A fitting end to an excellent 4-course specialization. This course delves deeper into some of the nuances of Java such us abstract methods and alternate Collections. It has been very useful in building more robust, efficient code that breaks less often and provides more accurate results. The material is very well put together, and the discussion forums, as always, are very helpful if you get stuck on a problem.

创建者 Андрей П

Mar 31, 2021

If you closely follow the lecturer and write the code yourself during the lessons, then there are no problems with completing the assignments. Despite the fact that the course is passed quickly, I finally figured out what method overloading is and why abstract classes are needed.

创建者 H S

Dec 3, 2021

This course suits everyone who wants to start learning programming. The assignments are really challenging but interesting.

创建者 Deleted A

Apr 9, 2021

Cool course! Main concepts explained and requires to do some homework over google to complete assignments!

创建者 Stephan K

Feb 20, 2021

excellent instructor, wonderful introduction to object oriented programming and Java

创建者 Yiqing J

Apr 28, 2021

The lectures are good! However, some descriptions in assignments are not clear.

创建者 Tarun B

May 16, 2021

Though this course is really good and you will really learn a lot of new things. But I think, this course is not for beginners. Difficulty level is a bit high for a newbie. Except that I think this is the best course for someone who's done with java core and want to polish up his/her skill. You'll learn a lot from the course's assignments and its grading system. Perfect implementation of more practical work than theoretical.

创建者 Cecilia P T

Feb 14, 2021

Some things were not clear and there were some issues/inconsistencies in the Week 4 coding assignment. I've also been waiting 4+ days for a response from the staff to help with issues I've left in the forum. This is the first UPenn course in Coursera that I've had to wait this long and still not receive any clarification. Other than that it's a good course.

创建者 Yihang H

Jun 27, 2022

A good introduction to the data structure, which helps understand interfaces and their counterparts in different scenarios, while it still requires you to do some research after-class to fully distinguish their differences. Some parts still do not fully cover them in detail.

创建者 apurwa j

Aug 18, 2021

More examples for Collections and Maps should be added

创建者 Ziyao C

Jun 1, 2021

I don't think I learned a lot from this class. I am really disappointed and I think I wasted my time taking this class. The Class focuses on how to using sytanx , and it doea not explain concepts clearly. After taking the class, I am still confused about Collections and Interface. I end up going to read more java documents to understand it. I hope it goes deeper.