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This course examines how new digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by changing the roles and practices of both firms and consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular courses on Coursera with over 500,000 learners and is rated by Class Central as one of the Top 50 MOOCs of All Time ( You will be able to: • Understand how digital tools are changing the nature of marketing • Explain how digital tools allow consumers to take a more active role in product development, promotion, placement, and pricing activities • Obtain a new set of concepts, tools, and stories to enhance your digital marketing efforts This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at



Jun 27, 2020

This is my first course in Coursera and I loved it explicitly. Professor was kind, I loved his way of delivering lectures.Easy explanation and numbers of examples help me understand better.\n\nThanks.


Oct 8, 2019

With no prior knowledge of digital marketing, this course helped me to understand all the basic concepts and enhance my interest in marketing field. I have already enrolled myself into another course.


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创建者 Esther k

Sep 11, 2020

This course gives you an overview of how digitalization has impacted the marketing mix. Working in retail this really provided me with usefull insights. Great practice examples and assignments, that challenge your creativity. The teacher clearly enjoys his job and I've enjoyed this course!

创建者 Mohammad S A

Aug 31, 2020

Collection of update information and the updated awareness of the instructor on the subject matter has made this course excellent. I enjoyed my time learning new information during the "Marketing in a digital world" course. Looking forward to using these information in my upcoming projects.

创建者 Felipe Z

Nov 21, 2019

Excellent course! Besides to the content being very good, knowledge exchange analyzing peer work around the world brings a broader view of marketing. Different analyzes, different points of view make you think more about other cultures and how to relate a product / service around the world.

创建者 Paulina H H

May 29, 2020

It was an amazing course!! I really enjoyed it because the professor is really experienced, shares a lot of insightful ideas, chooses really well the cases and the material seen. I really understood the bases of Digital Marketing and I am willing to continue learning more about this topic.

创建者 Catherine N

Mar 12, 2018

This course opened up my mind! I am inspired to keep reading about the advancements in the digital world, so as make my own innovations and stay relevant in this fast changing digital world. I can't wait to take the rest of the courses in this Specialization. Thank you Aric and Classmates!

创建者 Rasoul G

Apr 1, 2022

I really loved the course because of different reasons especially the resources and the way the teacher explained the terms, pros and cons....

I will recommend this course to everyone. I have a platform with half a million of active subscribers and I'd definitely introduce you to everyone.

创建者 Ahmed S K

Aug 6, 2020

At first, I wasn't expecting much from this course rather than just stating the obvious stuff that's common to everyone.

I was astonished by the amount of useful content this course has provided alongside the case study assignments, which helped me to change the way I approach things.


创建者 Leona Y

Mar 11, 2018

Recommend to take this course because the contents are prepared detailed and well. There are also some videos for interviewing the students in the campus to let us know more polls in the reality. Interesting to learn with many case studies and make us absorb more quickly and not too dull.

创建者 Sandra M

Dec 17, 2020

This was a great course! Great real world examples to bring the learnings to life. Loved the practical nature of this class and the hands on exercises. Thank you to Aric Rindfleisch for bringing actual digital marketing best practices to life in this class. Very helpful and informatiive.

创建者 Alejandra G

May 20, 2020

This course is super dynamic, no way to get bored. Also, my husband did it 6 months ago, then I started it 2 months later and it was already updated. Now that I redid the whole thing and finished it already included covid 19 in the cases. Its an amazing job they do to keep it up to date.

创建者 Amna S

May 6, 2020

The course is very well explained in simple English. The use of modern digital marketing like lego ,GoPro and Tesla have made this course enjoyable and the made it easier to understand. The course is self paced and will help to develop certain set of skills so that's definitely worth it.

创建者 Carolina

May 15, 2017

I loved this course, proffesor Aric is a great professor, uses actual cases and is very understandable.

The class is dynamic, I enjoyed it and learned a lot of things I did not know existed as a concept. It has been a huge input and a good addition to my career.

I recommend it very much.

创建者 Arunava D

May 14, 2021

Really refreshing course which delves deep into some of the lesser known idiosyncrasies of marketing in the digital world. The instructor was knowledgeable and was quite fun to listen to. The course structure was excellent and convincingly conveyed the learnings of each and every topic.


May 18, 2020

well, First of all I would like to thanks my virtual mentor/instructor for introducing me with new concept at least for me, now, i only completed the course but i am looking forward to apply these concepts on my very own small startup to gain potential customers and a positive feedback.

创建者 Abhishek R

Oct 1, 2020

I am a person who believes in covering the fundamentals in depth before moving on to a specialized course. Couldn't have asked for a more perfect course which covers the fundamentals of digital marketing in depth. I have picked up the entire specialization and hope to complete it soon.

创建者 Sharon A R

Sep 13, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed every module in this course. With amazing course syllabus that enabled us to get better insights into the marketing mix, it also makes the learning process 'not so boring' with great examples and creative illustrations. Thanks for such an amazing learning journey!

创建者 Florina M

Jul 1, 2020

I would recommend anyone to take this course. It does not matter if you are a beginner or you want to refresh your knowledge, because the explanations and examples offered about the 4 Ps of Marketing are essential if you are going to build a path to the new world of digital marketing.

创建者 Jaime L

Jun 1, 2020

I took this course to refresh my skills as a marketer and to improve my knowledge around digital marketing. This has been a very useful session and I am looking forward to utilise these updated skills / knowledge in my role and hopefully be able to seek new job opportunities with it.

创建者 Akshat B

Aug 28, 2016

Best course I have done so far in Coursera. The professor has the simplest solution to every problem. I look forward to doing the specialization. Also, after this course, I would personally like to study at the university of Illinois now that I have experienced the quality of learning

创建者 Shruti A

Aug 1, 2020

I have learned about different strategies through this course which are taken up by different companies across the globe in order to boom their sales through marketing. Most importantly digital marketing is replacing field marketing these days so it is necessary to learn such skills.

创建者 Firza A A

Apr 16, 2021

Thank you so much Mr. Aric Rindfleisch for the amazing explanation about digital marketing, really love this course. I got so many new insights too. Also thank you so much to Gies College of Business of University of Illinois and Coursera for letting me learn such a great knowledge.

创建者 Puii x S

Dec 26, 2020

I recommend this course. At first, I was reluctant to enroll for this program because i think it's quite general but after finish the program, I got some few ideas which I never think about it. If you're interested in Marketing and just the beginner. This is what you're looking for.

创建者 sameer k

Jun 25, 2020

I would recommend everyone to take this course. Professor Aric Rindfleish is a marketing genius. He can explain anything in the easiest manner. The assignment are the best part about this course. If you do them seriously with dedication, it can teach anyone the modern day marketing


Nov 12, 2020

I’m so glad to be a student under your guidance. Thank you for your time and patience in doing the courses for all of us online, I feel privileged person finishing my first course and graduate from this marvelous university with Coursera, You’ve truly made a difference in my life.

创建者 Iti S

May 5, 2020

It was a detailed course with interesting projects to work on which not only enhances knowledge but it also gives a practical approach to the thinking, its peer graded assignments helped me in learning with others and to think in a manner that could get accepted by others as well.