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学生对 巴黎综合理工学院 提供的 Quantum Optics 1 : Single Photons 的评价和反馈

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This course gives you access to basic tools and concepts to understand research articles and books on modern quantum optics. You will learn about quantization of light, formalism to describe quantum states of light without any classical analogue, and observables allowing one to demonstrate typical quantum properties of these states. These tools will be applied to the emblematic case of a one-photon wave packet, which behaves both as a particle and a wave. Wave-particle duality is a great quantum mystery in the words of Richard Feynman. You will be able to fully appreciate real experiments demonstrating wave-particle duality for a single photon, and applications to quantum technologies based on single photon sources, which are now commercially available. The tools presented in this course will be widely used in our second quantum optics course, which will present more advanced topics such as entanglement, interaction of quantized light with matter, squeezed light, etc... So if you have a good knowledge in basic quantum mechanics and classical electromagnetism, but always wanted to know: • how to go from classical electromagnetism to quantized radiation, • how the concept of photon emerges, • how a unified formalism is able to describe apparently contradictory behaviors observed in quantum optics labs, • how creative physicists and engineers have invented totally new technologies based on quantum properties of light, then this course is for you....



Nov 10, 2020

This was an awesome course. I recommend it to all who are working with Quantum physics, Quantum mechanics, Quantum Optics, Quantum Computing and Information Science, Quantum Communication


Nov 20, 2019

Very clear and informative. The courses are short respectively and they are very exciting. The quizzes are a very good review to keep you concentrated.


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创建者 Bas A

Aug 20, 2017

More exact usage of English language would help. Also written course material would be great. I ended up buying Mr. Aspect's book because I like the topic so much. A final exam would give a more satisfying feeling. I have the feeling I muddled through on lots of the questions. I am redoing the course now to get "perfect" understanding an memorizing things. Alternatively, a final test could be to write a reaction about a resent article.

创建者 JOSE M A E

Dec 12, 2020

The course is really very good. Prof. Aspect exceeds his pedagogic skill and makes the lecture listening delightful. The course focuses in a few concepts that develops step by step to reach a deepper insight.

In my opinion the homework part can be improved. In some cases the statements in the homework are confusing and it is not clear the goal and what the questions ask for


May 17, 2020

Tres interessant car abordant des questions théoriques et pratiques a la frontière de l'optique quantique. Le cours est toutefois un peu trop dense et mériterait d'être plus aéré en détaillant les étapes intermédiaires du raisonnement et du calcul

创建者 José F P B

May 8, 2022

E​xcellent course! Prof. Aspect gives a clear and very interesting introduction to Quantum Optics. Nonetheless, there are more than a few typos in the slices and the homework instructions.

创建者 Giacomo V

Dec 5, 2019

Really good course, but you need to have a strong background in quantum mechanics in order to understand the lessons. Professor Aspect clearly explains the topics

创建者 Abanoub M S M

Apr 16, 2020

The concepts are made clear as well as the calculations. The wave particle duality is made clear along with a quite long discussion.

创建者 Manuel S

Mar 10, 2018

There should be more resources to study like some lecture notes. Besides that, the overall level is very good.

创建者 Thierry M

Mar 7, 2021

The subject matter is very interesting and is introduced gradually from the most simple situations to more complex ones.

However many key results are presented without any proof, coming out of the blue. The expressions for the photodetection signals are not sufficiently related to first principles. This is a bit disappointing. Perhaps they assume the student lacks the kowledge to understand the proofs? This would be a contradiction because the homeworks require a very good knowledge of quantum mechanics and its formalism.

The forum seems completely inactive. My questions remain unanswered.

创建者 Jonathan G

Mar 23, 2018

It's math I put surprisingly easy.

创建者 Richard D

Dec 24, 2020

I recommend that you obtain an independent review of the homework on this course, specifically to address the questions of whether the course prepares learners for the homework, and whether the questions are are clear to learners. I find that the answers to these questions are NO for weeks 4 and 5. In week 5, for example, question 1(1) asks about a single state |phi-f> which is not defined in the question or in the introduction to the homework or in the lectures. Questions 1(2-5) use a technique that has not been taught in the lectures and is not always part of an undergraduate course in QM. This kind of thing can be extremely disappointing for learners, and frankly implies that the setter of the questions was not actually competent to do so.

创建者 Rod B

Apr 30, 2017

Poor. Very boring and dull presentation. Hardly anything is explained very clearly. It would be far more profitable to simply study an appropriate textbook or online course notes.