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Welcome to Course 2 - Sales Strategy - This course is designed to discuss the application of intelligence analysis in the sales planning process. And this approach contributes to integrating the sales planning process into the corporate strategy of the company because, in the strategy analysis and formulation process, we apply models, frameworks, tools, and techniques that also apply to the sales planning and management process. Therefore, the expected outcomes of this course focus on the transition from traditional to strategic sales planning, by discussing and applying the concepts recommended to support the development of the strategic guidelines. The concepts, models, tools, and techniques discussed and practiced during the course focus on the improvement of value creation from the sales function empowered by intelligence analysis, a process which typically applies in the strategy analysis front. The discussions go through how intelligence analysis can support the sales function, by providing methods to connect strategy to marketing and sales planning processes. In this course, the primary learning outcome is the ability to apply intelligence analysis to support sales planning process, and by being able to do this, you’ll improve your competencies and skills to support sales planning with a strategic approach. You’ll develop a final assignment at the end of the course, and it is designed from an adapted real-life business case. The challenges of the case comprise the business context, through which you’ll apply the conceptual framework discussed during Course 2. The outcomes of your analysis on the assignment case will be evaluated through a peer-review process....



May 16, 2021

Well, this course is perfectly designed for the extraordinary salespeople, who want to be the BEST.\n\nI am really glad to have this sort of knowledge.\n\nSUPERB


Apr 17, 2020

Veryb use ful for the beginners like Me.\n\nThe course is Fantastic with many live Standared Examples.


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创建者 Tendai R M

May 5, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, STRATEGIC SALES MANAGEMENT SPECIALIZATION is not an easy course. It is difficult and it takes diligence and hard-work in order to grasp some of the concepts shared here. I am glad of this new path and will try to keep at it to see where it may lead. However, as I sincerely seek to integrate this new paradigm into my life, I am discovering and rediscovering the truth, and it is a totally humbling experience and priceless at the same time. A big thank you to the COURSERA team, keep it up.

创建者 Abuzar A

Mar 15, 2018

I will highly recommend this course for all those who want to understand the business competetitive envirnement, and about the market. Competetive intelligence discssed provide great in-depth knowledge about understanding how to get competetive advantage over the competitor and how to ramain relevant in the market by constantly monitoring the market.

创建者 patricio a

Jun 1, 2020

Muy buen enfoque, y set de herramientas para el planeamiento estratégico de ventas, y de la compañía.

创建者 Moosa

Apr 18, 2020

Veryb use ful for the beginners like Me.

The course is Fantastic with many live Standared Examples.


Apr 17, 2021

Temas presentados de manera clara y muy didáctico, mantiene el interés permanente del alumno.

创建者 Ahmed A S

Oct 9, 2018

great contents and excellent presenter. He is clearly providing the information in a easy way

创建者 Thiago B

Dec 19, 2019

Great course, excellent professor! I really enjoyed the content and how it was organized.

创建者 Jose L B P

Sep 20, 2019

Excellent reading & tools to develop an informed decision-making skill.

创建者 Martina D P

Sep 20, 2018

Finally some practical tools to use in sales strategies! Loved it.

创建者 bhuwan c j

May 19, 2019


创建者 Fernando G V

Aug 17, 2020

Very good course, but some of the lectures are kind of old and some not accessible. The interviews were excellent, thank you! And really fun

创建者 Stephany F d B B

May 15, 2020

Good content, but there was only 1 professor dictating the whole course. And definitely was the most boring professor out of all the ones that have appeared previously. Very little visual resources were used and made it hard to stay engaged with the videos and course in general.

创建者 Ahmad G M

Aug 1, 2020

I liked this course but if i receive any course certificates is same only name differences so if i make more certificates with photo shop is same as these certificates please make a unique roll number.

Thanks You.


创建者 Het B

Jul 2, 2020

Not much of a practical exposure and theory looks confusing. Professor's accent was also not engaging.

创建者 Sridharan P

May 5, 2020

This course content & case studies are very useful and easy to understand. Increased my thought process about how to collect competitive intelligence data's, to use for understanding the markets and take sales decisions. This Course is necessary for all sales personals

创建者 Gabriel T T M

May 15, 2018

It is fantastic how FIA courses match theorical knowledge and practical business cases. One of the best specializations I took at Coursera for sure.

创建者 xjllyl

Nov 27, 2019

The course is fantastic and my business is growing effectively

创建者 Евгений Ч

Apr 16, 2018

Really nice and well structured course

创建者 Denise H

Nov 15, 2019

excellent and useful.

创建者 Eduardo R

Mar 11, 2019

Great course!

创建者 Manish J

Oct 26, 2018

good learning

创建者 Aarti v

Apr 24, 2020

great course

创建者 Hugo C M

Mar 28, 2018


创建者 Rimba S B

Jun 1, 2022


创建者 Mr. D S S

Apr 12, 2020