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Are you an educator? Have you ever wanted to understand more about how to design your class to make better use of educational technology – whether fully online or in blended contexts? Would you like to learn from those who have extensive practical experience with online technologies? The Learning to Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC will help you develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies that you can apply in your own practice. The course is based upon the multi award winning open educational resource developed by Dr Simon McIntyre and Karin Watson. Integrating online technologies into your teaching can be a challenging prospect, and it can be difficult to know how to approach it effectively for the benefit of both students and yourself. No one knows your own content and teaching strengths better than you, and the “one size fits all” formula doesn’t always suit everyone. No matter what type of technology you are interested in exploring or your level of experience, this course will help you draw on your teaching strengths and find the approach that is right for you, your students and your educational context. This course will guide you through your journey of understanding how online technologies can enhance your course design. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of effective online teaching practices and their relationship to the use of different technologies. You will also be encouraged to progressively design and reflect upon your own online learning activity, assessment or resource for use in your own class if you choose to undertake the course assignments....



Aug 14, 2020

If a person takes the time to read all of the attached pdfs and website you can get quite a detailed knowledge of this topic. The course did a very good job of mirroring the principles that it taught.


Aug 20, 2020

It was an awesome experience for me in improving, especially my teaching skills to a new paradigm, I learned and benefited immensely from the course, as the course design is meticulously well planned.


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创建者 Dr. S B

Apr 19, 2020

This course is very well designed. Both the mentors explain each module, each concept in detail.

Their style of connecting with the learner is amazing! The assignments to be completed in this course are very thought provoking, it really tests the learner's understanding of each module.

Thanks a lot!

Sunita Bhagwat, India.

创建者 Clement S

Apr 28, 2020

Coursera is very good for all the teacher those who are engaging in online teaching class. It provides to learn various tools for online classes. It helps us to adopt new technologies in our day to day online classes in very simple and effective ways. It helps us also to have a communicative and peer learning methods.

创建者 Thoha S

Jun 23, 2020

The design of the course, its content and the assessments are very well aligned and give you a feel of profound learning taking place. I would recommend any teacher to enroll in this course. You will love it. The resources available as course materials and optional ones are well-researched selections.

创建者 Camille A Z

Jun 17, 2020

Amazing course! It was well made. This is the first extensive course that I finished.

When I got a low score during my 1st assignment, it pushed me to do better. The peer feedback helped me realize the things I need to work on and made me open my eyes to ideas shared by fellow colleagues in the course.

创建者 Muhammad R

May 15, 2020

This course really enabled me to improve my teaching skills for online teaching. It taught me how to develop, align, deliver and assess online components into a blended course. The best part of the course is that it discusses how to engage, motivate and drive student to get their best for the course.

创建者 Heng F C N

Sep 23, 2019

Thank you Coursera. I have learnt that knowledge created by learners is more powerful than information given to them so share respectfully, suspend judgement, keep an open mind, have courage to ask questions and participate actively with new online technologies to gain wisdom for the greatest results.

创建者 Beena R

May 25, 2020

This course was excellent and has given me an overview of using technology appropriately to enhance my teaching skills. What I liked is the quality of videos and well-spaced assignments.The instructions were very clear. Thank you Dr. Negin and Prof. Simon for your wonderful sessions . Best wishhes!

创建者 Cecilia A

May 13, 2020

THis is a great online course. It is comprehensive and the lecturers have explained important and relevant topics well and very professional in their delivery of the course. Videos, case studies, resource materials, modules and many more are all beneficial and useful. I've learnt a lot. Thank you.


Feb 12, 2019

Great option to enrich our online teaching practices in terms of contents and assignments: it provides a good combination of visual and written resources as well as project-based learning. Also integrates different kinds of online teaching methodology along the course development.

创建者 Dr. I M

Aug 14, 2020

If a person takes the time to read all of the attached pdfs and website you can get quite a detailed knowledge of this topic. The course did a very good job of mirroring the principles that it taught.

创建者 Sarah N

May 20, 2020

Overall, I learned a lot about this course. I was able to reassess my strengths and weakness in conduct lessons online. The only thing that I didn't liked about the course is that some students who conduct the peer review don't seem to read the submitted content well. I hated when somebody gave me a score of 0 and 2 when I clearly stated facts and included resources and my personal experience to support my output. It was quite disappointing that these students are not doing peer review in a professional way. I hope that you would be able to look into this because it was so unfair on my part to have a very low score from them.

创建者 Darshna V B

May 18, 2020

This course is nicely designed, however, it's very exhaustive when it comes to the reading material. The high amount of reading material can prove to be negative for student engagement and motivation. Despite that, I learned multiple open-source online tools and technologies, for example, Stile, Flickr, Pinterest, etc along with the open-source websites for educational material like MIT open courseware, that not just support but elevate the online teaching-learning for the students as well as the teachers. Overall I learned a lot through this course. Thanks for floating this one.

创建者 Georgina N

Apr 25, 2020

Very good course with nicely organized activities and assessments. Short video segments and questions made it easy to budget my time. Helped me to think about key concepts of designing an online component for a blended course. Final assessment required me to outline my new course activity, which was very helpful for my actual job. Enormous number of outside links to reference sources was almost overwhelming (too many to follow up on); few broken links to defunct or closed websites.

创建者 Maria

May 26, 2020

I found this course very uesful as introduction to do an online module. I have missed a simple guidance on how the course flow would be and to have me made more conscious of the deadlines that I found out myself in a very late stage. This course is focussed for teachers. I am a sales person and was therefore not the best choice for me as too oriented on teachers which makes sense. Thank you. Will book another course for sure.

创建者 Dr M A

Jun 23, 2020

good course

创建者 Sunita R

Jul 21, 2020

I enjoyed this learning. Simon sir and Negin mam are very encouraging and straight forward.

The assignments made us look where we are standing.

I wish you all the best for your future because you are training so many teachers who are in turn training so many students (the future). Stay safe, happy and peaceful..

Sunita Rajamani

创建者 Janeth T

Aug 01, 2020

This course offers valuable content to those who want to develop some knowledge in the field. The platform is intuitive and flexible as it makes suggestions of content to fit your particular needs and background. I want to thank UNSW for creating these learning resources and making them available to many of us.

创建者 Ma. F C T

Jun 15, 2020

Thank you. I learned so much from this MOOC.

Unfortunately, for both assignments I had a peer rater who gave me a zero all throughout (despite getting a high evaluation from the other two). This was something I did not learn from. I wish I received constructive reviews so I can really improve.

创建者 Zachary G

Mar 31, 2017

Excellent course. The best part about it was that there was so much material available to learn about various aspects of teaching online, so there was always opportunities to get a deeper understanding of things. Self-directed, self-paced, and well-organized. I really enjoyed taking this course.

创建者 Prof D A N

Apr 27, 2020

A wonderful course offered with passion and dedication by the course leaders. well done and thanks for the immense enlightenment Negin and Simon. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES AND OF COURSE UNSW SYDNEY FOR EMPLOYING QUALITY ACADEMICS -- WISH I WAS THERE WITH YOU! (CV AVAILABLE ON REQUEST :)

创建者 Vivek K

May 02, 2020

Hello Dr. Simon & Dr. Negin,

I am Vivek K from Bangalore India. Due to pandemic inour place we are facing the lockdown. We have converted face-to-face classes to virtual classes. This course is relevant and provided fundamentals of online course and I could validate best practices.

Thank you.


Jul 24, 2020

Great course for those who are interested in improving their their online teaching. Even though the course does not tell one exactly what should be done, it gives a plethora of useful ideas, which may come in handy in one's teaching practice. I could not recommend it more! Brilliant MOOC!

创建者 Alice G

Apr 19, 2020

A very enjoyable course which is quite easy to fit into a busy day. The advice and activities are incredibly useful, but I think it is the videos with there range of views and experience that really make this a course teachers can return to as their teaching practice grows and improves.

创建者 Lorie A W

Jun 11, 2020

This course gave me LOTS of resources to use to improve my use of technology that I can take with me for later learning and practice on my own time. I am appreciative of the copious amount of resources and links that I can use to improve my own areas of technology use in the classroom.

创建者 umarani J

Jul 06, 2020

ITS REALLY A WODERFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCE. The course material and the supportive resources and activies were planned appropriately in a sequential order. Really gained many new things through the course. The instructors are really helpful. overall i had a wonderful learning experience