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学生对 麦考瑞大学 提供的 Leading transformations: Manage change 的评价和反馈

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We live in a globalised world of continuous change. Your ability to successfully manage change will allow you to have a positive impact on your work and your life. Via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts and written assessment) this course will teach you how to effectively influence change by developing a ‘change mindset’, creating a productive change cycle, and leading yourself and others on the change journey. You will learn how to re-imagine change by redefining the change problem and developing a balanced and reflective change mindset. Change is inevitable but you can influence how it affects your organisation....



Aug 13, 2020

This course brought me a lot of insight to work transformation projects. This will be helpful in these days where companies and people themselves need capabilities to overcome uncertainty times.


Apr 13, 2020

It was a very comprehensive and interesting course. I couldn't wait to go through and listen to all the videos and readings.

I found it very useful for my personal and professional growth


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创建者 Audronė R

May 28, 2020

I loved vivid explanations and the pace of this course. Ir was not hard to stick with what you've started as it keeps you involved so much! Applauding speaker after finishing the course!

创建者 Veronica B

Dec 30, 2019

The material is absolutely amazing: hardly ever have I come across such a good MOOC! Right level of detail, engaging videos and good added material. The level of work was very manageable and I feel like I learnt a lot.

HOWEVER: The final assignment was dreadful. Instructions were not at all clear to anyone, so it was really hard do, evaluate, and get a fair review. I feel the final assignment (peer review) bared no relation to the content, and was not at all the right way to gauge who had worked through the materials. Please consider improvement on this!

创建者 xaira s

Apr 14, 2020

It was a very comprehensive and interesting course. I couldn't wait to go through and listen to all the videos and readings.

I found it very useful for my personal and professional growth

创建者 Andrew H

Apr 11, 2020

I think this is a great course. The simple imagery is very helpful as a framework to teach the concepts around, and makes the lessons very memorable and quick to recall. I feel I can apply what I learned immediately at my current organization and in the future.

创建者 Coach A

Nov 13, 2019

An excellent course in change management. The approach is very unique and very effective. The course sets high standards for passing the course, which is a reflection of the high-quality standard of the course as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

创建者 Gabriela P

Apr 26, 2020

Liked very much the course. Good explanations, that lead you to reflect about you own change and those things you effectively need to perform change in your company.

I highly recommend it.

创建者 Murat T

Aug 28, 2021

I enjoyed the course. It was well organized and supported with simple and to the point examples. I highly recommend it to those interested in innovation management. Thank you Professors!

创建者 Saurabh B

Mar 29, 2020

Very useful and relevant course for anyone getting ready for Change, tools provide are simple and easy to apply in real life!

创建者 Anil S

Mar 11, 2020

A fantastic journey of the Change journey. Great content, which is easily digestible.

Thank you


创建者 May N

Jun 14, 2020

An amazing course. I am a change management practitioner, and IT professional and an MBA holder. This course provided me with what I was looking for. It is very different from attending other change management training where the main intention is to capitalize and commercialize one change management approach to create rigid artifacts that lead to dealing with change using a "project management" approach.

I was so impressed by the lecturer, the richness of the images and the metaphors used in the course which can definitely be used and apply to real life change or transformation initiatives. The whole course was so inspiring.

I definitely recommend the course, and I myself decided to go for the other 4 courses recommended.

创建者 Sigrid A

May 2, 2021

When submitting my initial review of this course, I neglected to include a narrative. After considering the richness and relevance of the course content and the way it was organized, illustrated, and delivered, I had to say more. This course is outstanding! If you work in an organization where change initiatives are commonplace, but leave a lot to be desired, this course explains why and what to do about it. The course has been so helpful, I'm now reading Dr. Badham's book on which the course is based. I intend to greatly influence how my organization approaches change initiatives so that we are more mindful of all the things we don't currently talk about. Thank you for an excellent and perfectly executed experience!

创建者 Tanu G

Jan 17, 2022

Great course. It was a profitable investment of my time. With lots of learning derived from this course: not just a theory of ideal situation but the realities looked from different perspectives: the promethean and Machiavelli paradoxes is relatable in the current situations and the most important: being aware of the gaps; Know that and know How. After making myself aware of 'Know that' of change Management, I am driven to focus on 'Know How' part of it. I would recommend many more connections in my network to take this course.

创建者 Altynay M

Jun 24, 2020

Hello. I am Altynay from Kazakhstan. I enjoyed the course very much. Each step, each week, and each additional reading or a video were very exciting to explore, to test, and to learn. The familiarization with the practice gap helped me to realize that I know What to do with my doctoral research, but I do not want HOW to do it. Knowing this helped me to reflect that uncertainty and unpredictability stops me moving forward! But being aware of all barriers calms me down and keep me optimistic. So thank you! And good luck!

创建者 Ondřej S

Apr 28, 2020

I could not believe that I found this course! As a project manager I have been working on various changes in the past 20 years and this program addressed all the complexity and simply named the concepts that should help any beginner or advanced user. Thank you for broadening my horizons and I am sure I will keep using all the suggestions in my current transformation program in Nordic Telecom in the Czech Republic.

创建者 Ajisafe O O

Jul 18, 2020

I liked this course. I liked the illustrations used. What I liked the most was that there were no peer review assignments in this course, which makes it so much easier to complete the course. Also the quizzes were not difficult and I could learn more from the feedback that was sent if I didn't get above the pass mark.

I would like to thank the teacher of this course and the coursera team. Till next time!

创建者 Artem K

Jan 21, 2022

A wonderfully structured course that helped me put my corporate experience through the lens of new mindsets and concepts. I am sure that this course is useful not only as an area of knowledge and practice in relation to business, but also for personal use, as each of us can work on a better version of ourselves. Thank you Macquarie University for this new experience! Sincerely, Artem Karavatyi

创建者 Zach M

Jul 14, 2020

This was a great course. Most often the focus on business is about process and plans, but not the people behind them. The instructor and use of multimedia were engaging compared to other Coursera classes, and the course concepts were taught in a way that is easy to comprehend and remember. Highly recommend.

创建者 Bernard D V

Mar 6, 2020

An original course about change management. The concepts are clearly explained, it's great. The content is rich and helpful. There is a lot of images, metaphors and quotes (maybe too much quotes) that will help you understand this course through a great storytelling and an excellent course structure.

创建者 Sally P W

Oct 30, 2019

An absolutely amazing course.It is everything I hoped for and more. I have already recommended it to my colleagues & others and will continue to do so in the future. Many thanks to the authors/presenters and Macquarie University.

创建者 Luis M

Aug 13, 2020

This course brought me a lot of insight to work transformation projects. This will be helpful in these days where companies and people themselves need capabilities to overcome uncertainty times.

创建者 Nick W

Nov 26, 2019

An excellent course that offers more than the basic change story. Hard enough to work but soft enough to get most people thinking. Congratulations.

创建者 Srinivasan K

Dec 27, 2019

The best course on transformation stream every i came across. I like the concept of 3 M presented in this course. Thank you

创建者 Eman

Aug 3, 2022

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