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Financial Planning for Young Adults (FPYA), developed in partnership with the CFP Board, is designed to provide an introduction to basic financial planning concepts for young adults. The FPYA course is organized across eight separate modules within a 4-week window. Topics covered include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing and credit. Because financial planning is such a personal topic, you will be encouraged to define your own financial goals and objectives while we discuss concepts and provide tools which can be applied in helping you reach those goals. Within each module, you will view a combination of traditional lecture style videos along with video vignettes that introduce financial topics for discussion among participants. The video vignettes provide a unique and exciting component to this course. Each vignette introduces a real-world scenario where financial decisions must be made and financial planning concepts can be applied. You will be challenged to think critically about each scenario and decide how you might come to a resolution if ever faced with a similar situation. Finally, the course also includes material throughout which is focused on career opportunities in financial planning, including video interviews with actual CFP® professionals and other professionals working in this exciting and growing career area. The final module in the class is devoted to the topic of financial planning as a career....



May 10, 2021

this course is really beneficial, I highly recommend it to people of any age. I was in doubt about it because I read it is good for young people, but I learned a lot from this course. Thank you all.


Jan 2, 2021

I learned a lot, things are very well explained and slow so that you don't miss anything and so that you understand everything perfectly. Its perfect for beginners and for young adults.


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创建者 Sunidhi G

Jul 3, 2022

Had a fun experience, worth time and money. Indeed packed with knowledge.

创建者 desface c

Jul 30, 2022

informative low budget crash course but annoying format

创建者 Irwan S

May 3, 2021

Its great to who wants to know basic financial planning


Sep 5, 2020

There is still a scope of Improvement !

创建者 da b

Jan 20, 2021

Need more content and examples.

创建者 Olga O

Aug 24, 2021

a good course to teach kids


Nov 22, 2019

make it more advance

创建者 Yuri F

Apr 13, 2021

Too basic

创建者 Heather H

May 1, 2021

I was really disappointed with this course. The content was of a very poor quality and the lecturers were, I would have to say not skilled enough to teach this course material. This was a course aimed at young people but did not deliver. If failed to mention all the investments options. It did not explain simple things like how to invest in a share, the dangers of speculative investments. It did not touch on thing’s like ‘AfterPay’ and the damage to credit if you constantly use them. It didn’t touch things like crypto, and futures which might appeal to the young and those in a rural community, there was no mention of Spacks or even Important things like making a will! There was too much time on the formula of a housing loan and the totally incorrect information on a bond and the bond market. It would be more useful if they spent more time on exactly how to budget and where to go for free or where to go if you need financial counselling.

I did this course as it was free and if it was any good I would recommend it to my children but it truly failed to deliver in the basics of financial planning.this course also lacked vibrancy with totally lacklustre presenters and guests, even the street interviews were shocking. Please take this course off your list. There is a real need for a basic financial course for students. I could never recommend this course or even this campus. I have done lots of Coursera courses and this was the first dud!

创建者 Roy J M H

May 16, 2021

While the concepts are good this course has a lot of unnecessary fluff content and has clearly not been thoughtfully reviewed. There are spelling/formatting errors, duplicative videos, and outdated examples.I would not recommend this course and would advise finding a different finance training/course.

创建者 Shalini S

May 18, 2021

The course modules seem to be old, most of the modules revolve around basic money habits and not specific to young adults.


May 3, 2021

I want to unenroll from this course, but the website won't let me!

创建者 Andréia C d C G

Jun 2, 2021

I did not like the curse, for this reason that I abandoned.

创建者 Héctor R S M

May 4, 2021

Good Morning

I am Héctor Rubén Silva Muñoz, I am enrolled in the Financial Planning for Young Adults; due to difficulties in my working hours

I will not be able to continue the course.


创建者 Abdul R M

Oct 20, 2020

This the first negative Review I wrote, but the Course is Actually deserve it.

The Course REALLY unworthy for the time I had spent on it, and I Complete it for nothing except the certificate.

创建者 vishnu v

Oct 7, 2021