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Global Statistics - Composite Indices for International Comparisons, 日内瓦大学

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The number of composite indices that are constructed and used internationally is growing very fast; but whilst the complexity of quantitative techniques has increased dramatically, the education and training in this area has been dragging and lagging behind. As a consequence, these simple numbers, expected to synthesize quite complex issues, are often presented to the public and used in the political debate without proper emphasis on their intrinsic limitations and correct interpretations. In this course on global statistics, offered by the University of Geneva jointly with the ETH Zürich KOF, you will learn the general approach of constructing composite indices and some of resulting problems. We will discuss the technical properties, the internal structure (like aggregation, weighting, stability of time series), the primary data used and the variable selection methods. These concepts will be illustrated using a sample of the most popular composite indices. We will try to address not only statistical questions but also focus on the distinction between policy-, media- and paradigm-driven indicators....

1 个审阅

创建者 Stellios Stratidakis

Jul 29, 2018

With CIs everywhere, this is a nice course for a wider audience to get an understanding of how they get constructed and matters that have to be taken into account while doing so. Plenty of use-cases about well-known indices and presentations from people involved in their creation. If you are working with data, it is highly likely that you may come up with ideas in the end!