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How did the State of Israel come to be? How is it that an idea, introduced in 19th century Europe, became a reality? And how does that reality prevail in the harsh complexities of the Middle East? Presented by Professor Eyal Naveh, with additional units from Professor Asher Sussers' "The Emergence of the Modern Middle East" course, This course will take you on a journey through the history of Modern Israel. In this 1st part of the course we will explore: How did the 19th century idea of a Jewish state become a reality? So the next time you hear about Israel in the news, you will be informed enough about the history of this area to comprehend the many sides and narratives that interact to shape the complex reality of Israel today. Please note that there is a second part to this course "The History of Modern Israel - Part II: Challenges of Israel as a sovereign state" which is a direct extension of this part. We highly recommend to continue to the second part after you finish this one ( In order to receive academic credit for this course you must successfully pass the academic exam on campus. For information on how to register for the academic exam – Additionally, you can apply to certain degrees using the grades you received on the courses. Read more on this here – Teachers interested in teaching this course in their class rooms are invited to explore our Academic High school program here – * This course is a joint effort of Tel Aviv University & Israel Institute ( * This course uses media material from various archives, courtesy to Yad Vashem Archive for their help. * This course is self-paced. Once you register, you can participate in the course anytime, as often as you wish and over any stretch of time...



Sep 26, 2019

"The History of Modern Israel – Part I: From an Idea to a State" is a time demanding course for all of us nowadays to know the real history of modern Israel. Thanks Coursera for the such opportunity.


Sep 29, 2020

It gave me more insight for me about Israel history. The tutors explained it in a simple way, although some parts of the materials were a little bit difficult to understand


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创建者 Luis E

Apr 23, 2022

Clear and concise. A must for everyone interested in wanting to grasp an understanding of the History of Israel. Dr. Asher Susser is extraordinary and captivating.


Jul 20, 2020

This course helped me learning the history of jews settlement to Israel state , I am thanking my teacher Eyal Naveh for teaching history in a very easy way .

创建者 Katie G

Jun 7, 2017

Great course, wonderful information. I think the information introduced could be divided into a six-week course, making the material more digestible.

创建者 Erika V F

Sep 6, 2016

I feel that I learned a lot on this course, I appreciate the information that was conveyed. I feel more education about the Israel-Palestine issue.

创建者 Mohamad M

Jul 1, 2019

well and in brief explained topics that allows us to understand History of Zionism.

I also didn't find the course biased which is a good thing.

创建者 Raffaele P

Nov 25, 2020

Very interesting, to understand today it is necessary to retrace history; that of Israel is a complex story that needs to be discovered.

创建者 Deleted A

Dec 27, 2015

I really enjoyed this course. It was really quite informative. I am now onto another course at TAU and looking forward to learning more.

创建者 John K

Oct 5, 2020

Excellent. Thorough. Thoughtful. Great professor(s). I would have enjoyed a few more quizzes along the way. Highly recommended.

创建者 José A G M

May 23, 2017

Excellent explanations by the teachers, thanks to them I know more about the history of my family, because I have Jewish family.

创建者 Ekaterina B

Oct 3, 2020

Wonderful course with all the necessary information. Great to add it to one's education (especially to the Middle East studies)

创建者 Enriqueta A H

Aug 4, 2020

simple, clear and blunt language, reliable information, continually being updated, very interesting course Congratulations

创建者 Alessandro R C

Mar 18, 2018

Alto nivel de conocimiento sobre la historia de Israel. Mi visión sobre la cuestión Palestina es mucho más clara. Gracias.

创建者 Andrea C

Jun 2, 2021

A​mazing course. University of Tel Aviv's courses are perfect for who wants understand and study the Middle East story.

创建者 Sirus E

Oct 8, 2020

I belive that this lecture is really benefical for my career and also education.Thanks for all of new informations🙃🤗

创建者 Paccelli Z

Dec 3, 2018

É um excelente curso! Apresenta uma outra visão do Estado de Israel, diferente daquela que lemos na mídia. Recomendo!

创建者 Lenka J

May 5, 2018

I understand well, only with test I had little problems due my English language. But all capture was interesting.

创建者 Ben F

May 27, 2018

Great general overview for someone totally new to the material. Very informative and professionally presented.

创建者 JOHN Q

Dec 7, 2015

I think this has been a nice wrap of following the Holocaust course. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.

创建者 Matheus V d C M M

May 12, 2020

Great course for those who like history and want to understand better the conflict between Jews ans Arabs.

创建者 Fernando M J S

Apr 17, 2020

Curso de muy buena calidad para quienes iniciamos en el proceso de conocimiento de la historia de Israel.

创建者 Jorge D A G

Jul 9, 2019

I have founded really interesting, perhaps it was almost unknown for me. Congratulations to the teachers.

创建者 rony p r

Nov 17, 2016

Good course. This course will clear the history of Jewish state in sequential order. Presented very well

创建者 Deleted A

Feb 8, 2016

Challenging material with great opportunities to get more background information for further studying.

创建者 Lorena W

Jun 9, 2020

Excelente curso! Muy bien explicado tanto por los profesores como por los conferencistas invitados.