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学生对 Linux 基金会 提供的 Open Source Software Development Methods 的评价和反馈

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In this course, we will define what open source software is, we will go over the history of open source software and what benefits it has provided to the world’s technology infrastructure over the decades. The course aims to teach you how to work in open source projects productively and gain a lot of benefits from it, and really understand what the advantages are. You will learn about collaboration best practices, and how to encourage diversity in open source projects. We will discuss the different licensing models that are available, as this will help you decide what the best license is for your project. We will talk about methods that are commonly used, such as Continuous Integration, and use of GitHub and other hosting providers as a central meeting place for open source projects, and we will provide some examples of successful open source projects....



May 04, 2019

Great introduction to OSS. It provides a good overview of its history and how it got started plus the basics of contributing to various OSS Projects.


May 12, 2019

As a total novice to development methods I found this course to be extremely useful and informative. I am intrigued and want to learn more.


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Nov 30, 2019

Love Open source.

创建者 Adetunji A

Jul 24, 2019

Great course

创建者 Bahassane y

Jul 04, 2019

Good course!

创建者 LU, C Y

Jan 29, 2020


创建者 Deleted A

Mar 08, 2019


创建者 R M A

Dec 16, 2019

Nice One

创建者 Paweł J

Aug 04, 2019



Aug 27, 2019



Jun 14, 2019


创建者 Mahmoud A M M M H

Oct 04, 2019

The course provided a good introduction to OSS. However, I would have preferred it to have deeper explanation of the licensing and governing models of OSS projects.

创建者 Ibrahim E S

May 27, 2019

This Course will give you a big view about How open source projects are managed and How can you participate in them.

创建者 Kamalkishore K

Oct 08, 2019

Got to know what is OSS mean actually in real world with practical examples.

创建者 Adriana A L E

Jul 12, 2019

It is nice and useful as an introduction but sometimes it can get tedious.

创建者 Cato F

May 11, 2019

I think this was a good introduction to the world of OpenSource projects.

创建者 Manuel X D

Jan 04, 2020

Valuable insights for anyone considering joining an Open Source project,

创建者 Rafael A P

Sep 03, 2019

it's nice course but there's a lot of information and nothing practice

创建者 frankzhang

Mar 12, 2019

Too Brief and I think can be combined with other course

创建者 Ahmed H M s

Sep 11, 2019

this course useful

创建者 Keerthivasan R

Mar 26, 2019

only theory

创建者 Harrison B

Sep 11, 2019

A great introduction to the idea of OSS, however this course is really let down by the number of group assessed projects and the fact that you can see exactly who assessed your work everytime

创建者 Киба В Ю

Sep 22, 2019


创建者 Emil S

Jan 23, 2020

Please add something valuable to this course. So far it is purely introduction course, and I didn't learn anything really useful.

创建者 HXQ

Nov 05, 2019

It's just a robotic slide repeater.