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学生对 杜克大学 提供的 Programming Fundamentals 的评价和反馈

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Programming is an increasingly important skill, whether you aspire to a career in software development, or in other fields. This course is the first in the specialization Introduction to Programming in C, but its lessons extend to any language you might want to learn. This is because programming is fundamentally about figuring out how to solve a class of problems and writing the algorithm, a clear set of steps to solve any problem in its class. This course will introduce you to a powerful problem-solving process—the Seven Steps—which you can use to solve any programming problem. In this course, you will learn how to develop an algorithm, then progress to reading code and understanding how programming concepts relate to algorithms....



Aug 13, 2020

The instruction provided in this course are very clear and anyone who can learn coding by this course. But the course has more readable content for you to take notes and reading it may take more time.


Aug 30, 2020

I had no background in programming before attending this course and I had my own doubts on learning a new language online. But trust me, this course is very well-built and it was a cake walk for me.


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创建者 Elizabeth T

Oct 25, 2020

The first two weeks of modules were helpful and provided a useful foundation for better understanding programming as a true beginner.

The third week didn't contain a good balance of readings and video examples. Most of the material consisted of readings that seemingly aimed for a breadth of coverage rather than meaningful engagement with some fundamentals that would enhance a beginner's understanding.

Week 4 materials were not helpful for completing the task. Thinking of an algorithm in terms of the steps involved in making a peanut butter sandwich doesn't translate to taking real information and thinking about what it would take to represent that information as an algorithm. I would have had more appreciation for establishing a better grasp of sorting algorithms than taking a shot in the dark as to what this might look like.

The presenters/instructors provided helpful information, but the highly scripted delivery was somewhat unsettling as a viewer. I would prefer the authentic "ahs" and "ums" to extremely stiff/scripted delivery as the former makes this closer to the experience of actual classroom instruction.

创建者 Benjamin H

Dec 9, 2019

There was a lot of reading and the reading covered concepts that can be pretty hard to grasp for non-programmers. I recommend the course authors add more videos walking through those concepts and make the readings less dense at some points. I just did UPenn's Computational Thinking course before this one and I think they are a good example for how to improve production quality and delivery. I know it's a programming class but I think the UI/UX of this course could be improved. Having said all that I liked the deliberate approach, taking things slowly. Other C tutorials online jump straight to advanced concepts but this course focuses on getting a good grasp of the basics so you can have a good foundation going forward.

创建者 Yunus E

Sep 7, 2020

I think this is a real good course. However, as we all know being a beginner of programmer is hard. So, we had many documents to read. It is ok but videos are very efficient but kind of short. I learned many things from videos but documents were kind hard to read and understand. Also, In my opinion, these documents would be better if they place after the videos. Because we had no idea about this new world and starting with good videos could be better then starting with complicated documents. But as I said videos were very beneficial.

创建者 Orcun C D

Dec 20, 2019

I have a background of programming and working as a python dev now. But decided to learn C from scratch. Cant say that this was really fundamental. Couldnt see any explained logic behind programming and quizzes are so meaningless. Like, why do i need to answer the decimal represantation of a character in a quiz? That type of stuff is so unnecessary. Additionaly I found the preparation of this course kinda lazy, just bunch of text material and the short videos from those texts. But still gives a good introduction knowledge about C.

创建者 Paulo M

Dec 17, 2020

Although the course really takes care that the students gain a good fundamentals knowledge of programming, it bets too much on theory only.

My suggestion is to rethink the course in order to allow the students to do some pratical and simple programming that can also helps them to assimilate the Fundamentals.

My a way to do it is to mix this course with the second one for that purpose.

Best Regards


创建者 S. U

Jan 28, 2021

The instruction is thorough and easy to follow, but there was a lot of reading - which I didn't mind, but some learners may be expecting more video instruction. I also thought there weren't really enough 'finger exercises' and the quizzes were fairly simple. A good 'get your feet wet' course but ultimately it still felt a bit lacking. I'm hoping the other courses in the series are more challenging.

创建者 Daniel t

Sep 22, 2021

the content is good, and the explanations as well. However they introduced some subtle things about some black lives matter on some links they gave and LGBTQ+ flags on some explanations. I mean sicence courses shouldn't need to have that kind of political things, even if they are as subtle as they try to input that on education, is just about learning to program on C code, nothing else.