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Strategy and Sustainability, IESE Business School

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Business and environmental sustainability are not natural bedfellows. Business is about making money. Sustainability is about protecting the planet. Business is measured in months and quarters. Sustainability often requires significant short term costs to secure a sometimes uncertain long-term benefit. To some activists, all executives are exploitative, selfish one percenters. To some executives, all activists are irresponsible, unyielding extremists. And yet engaging with the issue isn’t optional – all businesses must have a strategy to deal with sustainability and, like any strategy, this involves making choices. This Strategy and Sustainability course based on Rosenberg's recently published book by Palgrave ( that encourages learners to filter out the noise and make those choices in a hard-nosed and clear-eyed way. Prof. Rosenberg’s nuanced and fact-based point of view recognizes the complexity of the issues at hand and the strategic choices businesses must make. He blends the work of some of the leading academic thinkers in the field with practical examples from a variety of business sectors and geographies and offers a framework with which senior management might engage with the topic, not (just) to save the planet but to fulfill their short, medium and long-term responsibilities to shareholders and other stakeholders. This course promises to be both engaging and thought-provoking, aimed at anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of a subject that is no longer perceived as a choice but a necessity for future managers and business leaders alike....

29 个审阅

创建者 Joseph Abrukwe

Oct 31, 2018

i enjoyed till the end and the peer-to-peer assessment topped off the amazing brain exercise

创建者 Nikki mehta

Aug 28, 2018

It's a good beginner's course to get an introduction to sustainability.. It's a gives a brief overview of the sustainability market, it's verticals, and challenges.

创建者 Yuki Hayashi

Aug 16, 2018

I have just successfully completed Prof. Rosenberg's Strategy and Sustainability course. I would highly recommend it to all people working in CSR departments, but also to anyone who is about to start his or her own CSR consultancy (which is what I am currently doing). Prof. Rosenberg is a great teacher because he enlivens the sometimes dry and hard-to-explain subject of sustainability with vivid, real-life examples to which we all can relate. Something that is also worthwhile mentioning is his unique sense of humor!

This course is both informative and enjoyable and I have learned a lot of valuable things that I can put into practice. Thank you Coursera, and above all: thank you Prof. Rosenberg!

创建者 Lalit Joshi

Aug 05, 2018

Very well explained the need and process to integrate sustainability framework in you business strategy

创建者 Zrinka Požar

May 22, 2018

it was great course which

创建者 Mihalis Ignatiadis

Feb 26, 2018

The final - week 6 - exercise didn't provide very clear instructions. Especially around the framework to be used.

创建者 Felipe Barreto

Feb 21, 2018

Very deep content which brings many thoughts about the role and concerns related to the environment that business man shall be on their mind when they are running a business. Many good insights watching and studying this amazing and must to do course. I appreciate all the effort made by Prof. Rosenberg and IESE.

创建者 Sian Petigny

Feb 02, 2018

Really well put together course material. Mike Rosenberg is a great expert to listen to and his course is very easy to follow, and very comprehensive. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

创建者 Rambaldo Edward di Collalto

Jan 20, 2018

I dropped out of this course after the first reading when it became clear that it was not about sustainability but about dealing with environmentalism. That is, how to deal with environmental issues perceived as externalities by the existing strategic paradigm.

Sustainability is a different paradigm, a different mental model, and a different worldview leading to a different strategic logic. On the basis of this course being labelled as strategic, I was hoping it would to address the corporate level strategic challenge of how business can transition from one mental model to another mental model.

The course should be renamed so as not to confuse prospective students wanting to understand corporate level business strategy and sustainability.

创建者 Daria Nozhkina

Nov 22, 2017

Great presenter with a great philosophy & approach

Great structure of the course: simple yet relevant

Have already recommended to a number of junior people at my company's Sustainability practice as an intro course for some extra credentials