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学生对 多伦多大学 提供的 Swift 程序设计入门 的评价和反馈

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Introduction to Swift Programming is the first course in a four part specialization series that will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to develop an iOS App from scratch. By the end of this first course you will be able to demonstrate intermediate application of programming in Swift, the powerful new programming language for iOS. Guided by best practices you will become proficient with syntax, object oriented principles, memory management, functional concepts and more in programming with Swift. This course is unique in its dedication to teaching Swift programming. With new features and capabilities you will be at the forefront of writing iOS apps. Currently this course is taught using Swift 2. The team is aware of the release of Swift 3 and will be making edits to the course in time. Please be aware that at this time the instruction is entirely with Swift 2. Please note that to take part in this course (and the full specialization) it is required to have a Mac computer and, though not required, ideally an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad. NOTE: This course has been designed and tested (and content delivered) on a Mac. While we are aware of hacks and workarounds for running Mac in a virtual machine on windows we do not recommended a PC. We hope you have fun on this new adventure....



Jan 14, 2016

The course seemed to be very easy, I'd say even disappointingly easy, but then, when I started the final assignment, I realized that I was wrong. And it was so much fun developing filters.


Jan 31, 2016

This course, specifically the last week, really helps in gaining understanding of how the digital images are being processed on the back of a applications. Nice job tutors!


301 - Swift 程序设计入门 的 325 个评论(共 325 个)

创建者 George A

Sep 28, 2019

The swift version is very old and needs to be updated. It is making it difficult for me to finish the course

创建者 Matteo L

Sep 24, 2015

Bad audio quality

Poor presentation

Not for professional developers (perhaps can be fine for beginners)

创建者 Martin P

Nov 20, 2015

Please avoid to take this course! Lessons seems to be, at least, not prepared by the teachers.

创建者 Yuxing S

Oct 12, 2015

The instructors are not well prepared for the course. The material are not well structured.

创建者 Rodrigo G D

Nov 05, 2015

The course seemed not to be prepared with anticipation. I left it because of that.

创建者 Moamen A e d r

Apr 03, 2018

i didnt understand anything

its an image processing course not ios development

创建者 Jeremy A

Sep 20, 2015

It felt like amateur course. the volume was very low and was missing videos

创建者 Aldo A S Z

Nov 30, 2015

Need to record the sessions again with more confidence and less errors

创建者 Orangel

Oct 04, 2015

It seems the instructor Jack Wu didn't prepare the course material.

创建者 Mustafa A

Nov 05, 2018

Not for absolute beginners in programming, and very poor content.

创建者 Daniel D

May 05, 2016

Absolutely poor. Avoid. No professor monitoring of the fo

创建者 Igor K

Nov 09, 2015

poorly planned, irrelevant to the subject test questions.

创建者 Karthika M

Oct 19, 2015

Impossible to follow. Quizzes do not relate to lessons.

创建者 Hitesh P

Jun 04, 2019

Not updated. Does not work with new mac versions

创建者 Richard W

Jan 04, 2016

Learned more about image processing than Swift.

创建者 Sergey P

Oct 29, 2015

Quality and length of material is mediocre.

创建者 Youngjo K

Nov 30, 2015

Too difficult to learn for beginners.

创建者 Sambasiva A

Feb 09, 2016

Please stay away from this course.

创建者 Jason W

Dec 17, 2015

Bad Lecturers and instructions.

创建者 Yuan L

Nov 11, 2015

not well prepared course

创建者 卢振兴

Dec 06, 2015

very poor organized.

创建者 Shuo Z

Sep 20, 2015

They taught NOTHING!

创建者 zysuper

Mar 21, 2016

Very bad course.

创建者 Denis K

Nov 12, 2015

this is terrible

创建者 omkaar

Sep 20, 2016