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学生对 纽约州立大学纽约州立大学 提供的 Big Data, Genes, and Medicine 的评价和反馈

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This course distills for you expert knowledge and skills mastered by professionals in Health Big Data Science and Bioinformatics. You will learn exciting facts about the human body biology and chemistry, genetics, and medicine that will be intertwined with the science of Big Data and skills to harness the avalanche of data openly available at your fingertips and which we are just starting to make sense of. We’ll investigate the different steps required to master Big Data analytics on real datasets, including Next Generation Sequencing data, in a healthcare and biological context, from preparing data for analysis to completing the analysis, interpreting the results, visualizing them, and sharing the results. Needless to say, when you master these high-demand skills, you will be well positioned to apply for or move to positions in biomedical data analytics and bioinformatics. No matter what your skill levels are in biomedical or technical areas, you will gain highly valuable new or sharpened skills that will make you stand-out as a professional and want to dive even deeper in biomedical Big Data. It is my hope that this course will spark your interest in the vast possibilities offered by publicly available Big Data to better understand, prevent, and treat diseases....



Aug 13, 2022

Great place to start for those wanting to obtain a bioinformatic skill base. The skills I learned during this course have had a positive impact upon my current lab project. Well worth your time!


Jul 1, 2020

Very practical and easy to follow. The quizzes definitely help you retain the knowledge from the lectures. The hands-on with Jupyter Notebook was my favourite part of this course! Thank you!


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创建者 Javiera C A A

May 26, 2022

El curso te adentra a los conocimientos básicos que uno debe tener para poder trabajar con estadísticas, de forma que comprendas tus resultados bioinformáticos y así saber que métodos poder elegir para ordenar grandes cantidades de datos eficientemente.

Entre lo más destacable están sus "cuadernos", en donde se puede trabajar con R sin necesidad de instalarlo, el cual es de fácil comprensión, y no tienes la necesidad de programar, ya que ese no es el fin de este curso, sin embargo te van explicando paso a paso de las líneas del programa y te entregan material extra en caso de que quieras adentrarte más en la programación.

Los subtitulos al español podrían mejorarse, por lo que no recomiendo tomar el curso a menos que se tenga un nivel de inglés medio para poder comprender las partes que no estan correctamente traducidas.

En general es un curso recomendable para adentrarse en este mundo de la bioinformática.

创建者 Tânia G M

Nov 20, 2021

I​ really appreciate the course. The content is very useful and gives an excelent overview about where to find data and how to analyze it. I fell motivated and confident to continue my studies in more advanced courses related to this area.

创建者 Ediri M

Aug 14, 2022

Great place to start for those wanting to obtain a bioinformatic skill base. The skills I learned during this course have had a positive impact upon my current lab project. Well worth your time!

创建者 Meet p

May 24, 2020

A very informative course . I learn so many things from this course and this course has very good coverage in data and its analysis. thank you so much for providing this course

创建者 Luis L

Nov 3, 2016

This is an amazing course that combines different areas very well to a level understandable to non-specialists. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Isabelle

创建者 Levan C

Aug 4, 2017

Very good course for everyone new in the field of data science. Very good short lectures guiding you step by step to relevant skills and counclusions.

创建者 Khadijah Z

Mar 7, 2017

The course is amazing, I want to purchase the course but it is not being working...I don't know what is the problem.

创建者 Gemma G

Sep 1, 2020

A very interesting basis for a start in big data with some particularly enjoyable practical exercises.

创建者 ashutosh m

Nov 29, 2018

Should have focused more on the coding part. Rest of the course was informative and well structured.

创建者 Jun T

Jul 13, 2019

GOOD course for starter! Nice practice. But the class can be a little more detailed.

创建者 diana c

Aug 8, 2021

Me brindó las herramientas que necesitaba para mi crecimiento profesional

创建者 Pallavi M S

Mar 10, 2017

Very Happy to learn about Genes. Expecting for More Praticles

创建者 Víctor C M

May 31, 2020

Es un curso muy completo e interesante, vale la pena tomarlo

创建者 mohammed o

Oct 18, 2016

Amazing course! one of the best courses on couresera!

创建者 sasi a

Sep 27, 2017

Great course for genomic data science .

创建者 Mary-Ann E X

Feb 9, 2021

Really nice overview about the field.

创建者 Md M H

Jan 18, 2017

It is undoubtedly an awesome course.

创建者 Tammy S

Aug 12, 2020

Excellent class! Thank you so much!

创建者 Ahmad A

Apr 14, 2020

Very useful and interesting course


Mar 25, 2021

Excellent course!!!!!

创建者 Mayookha M

Sep 22, 2020

An excellent course

创建者 Skye X

Jan 23, 2019


创建者 Agustín C

Feb 10, 2022

Excellent course

创建者 subiaa a y a

Oct 24, 2019

powerful course

创建者 Miguel W

Nov 3, 2019