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We make thousands of decisions every day. Do I cross the road now, or wait for the oncoming truck to pass? Should I eat fries or a salad for lunch? How much should I tip the cab driver? We usually make these decisions with almost no thought, using what psychologists call “heuristics” – rules of thumb that enable us to navigate our lives. Without these mental shortcuts, we would be paralyzed by the multitude of daily choices. But in certain circumstances, these shortcuts lead to predictable errors – predictable, that is, if we know what to watch out for. Did you know, for example, that we are naturally biased towards selling investments that are doing well for us, but holding on to those that are doing poorly? Or that we often select sub-optimal insurance payment plans, and routinely purchase insurance that we don’t even need? And why do so many of us fail to enroll in our employer’s corporate retirement plans, even when the employer offers to match our contributions? Behavioral finance is the study of these and dozens of other financial decision-making errors that can be avoided, if we are familiar with the biases that cause them. In this course, we examine these predictable errors, and discover where we are most susceptible to them. This course is intended to guide participants towards better financial choices. Learn how to improve your spending, saving, and investing decisions for the future....



Feb 25, 2020

Good course! There is just one thing I would improve here - an explanation of the mistakes after the tests are done. This improvement should increase the student`s understanding of specific topics.


May 2, 2018

This course was a very good sum up of Daniel Kahneman's thinking fast and slow. Definitely recommend to everyone who would like to know more about our flaws or would like to refresh your knowledge.


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创建者 Chiranjeevi C

Mar 14, 2018

It was a very good experience to me. I have got to know many new things in the field of finance and markets. Most importantly I enjoyed this course from the start till the end. Thanks to the two professors who spent their time making this course online. I would recommend this course to my friends as well.


May 10, 2022

This course clearly explains all the topics in behavioral finance using easily understandable examples for learners without any business or finance background. The case studies provided are really fascinating to know how well manipulative they were in their peak. Overall, very good content and lectures.

创建者 Penny G

Nov 15, 2019

This course was really interesting and fun. I will definitely be reviewing the material as I begin to evaluate investments and other business opportunities in the future. I feel better equipped to make financial decisions and I will be able to ask smarter questions from my investment advisors.

创建者 Norbert R

Aug 28, 2020

Was maybe a little to high level for me but I enjoyed searching for things I did not understand. Thank you for making courses like this available. I took it just because I was interested to recognize biases in my own investing. Knowing is being able to recognize and hopefully change them.

创建者 Bobby A

Jun 8, 2020

This is a decent course. You do need to have taken Macro - and Micro Economics for this course. This course is an introductory course to the world of finance. This course in a nutshell, teaches how we waste money, how we allow ourselves to be influenced by people to make us spend our money

创建者 Vineetha R J

May 11, 2020

This course has done an excellent job in teaching us new concepts and showing us our careless mistakes in investing through fun examples. Most of these matters often slip from our mind, but now, with the knowledge attained from this course, one can always look out for those little errors.

创建者 Kumar T

Oct 8, 2016

A very good course. Required readings and lectures are detailed. Will help create a strong platform for the human decision making bias and behavioral aspects on decision making. Detailed example and real cases make help better understand and relate the concepts. The instructors are great.

创建者 Arusa S

May 28, 2020

I really enjoy this course, the professors have a good way to simply explain complex concepts with cases. I just wish there were more videos than just the reading alone for some topics. The quizzes on this one are really challenging and really test your understanding, not just memory.

创建者 JC

Aug 28, 2021

As an MBA, I found out that there's still many things that I have not learnt and unknown to me. Throughout this courses, I understand what kind of errors/biases that I exhibit when I am involved in stock trading. Thank you for all the people who prepared the course's materials.

创建者 Rajeev S

May 6, 2020

It is a wonderful course with deep insight into human psychology while taking decisions pertaining to financial management and investment. It is a very well articulated course with good reading material and videos. The quizzes also help you to keep you on your learning curve.

创建者 davide g

Aug 10, 2016

Accelerated course but really concentrated. Practical and clearly explained. Perfect alternance of slides/lecture videos. Easily understandable by with economics background and by other as well with thehelo of the slides. Definitely the best among similar classes on Coursera.

创建者 Colin F

Sep 3, 2016

Ever wondered how much deductibles you should pay for your insurance? What drove the recent sub-prime mortgage crisis? how you can improve your chances of avoiding bias in making financial decisions? Well then this course is for you ! Very well presented notes and vid

创建者 Abhishek A S

May 7, 2020

Exciting and absolutely brain-tickling.

The study material is very well compiled and examples provided are so innovative, thus making the concept very easy to understand. Kudos to the team of "Behavioural Finance, Duke University"

Thanks a lot

Regards....Abhishek Sathe

创建者 Dyams S

Dec 23, 2021

I enjoyed this course so much that I completed it in a day. Both presenters are experts with the skills of simplifying the materials provided and what they decided to share through the videos. Just a great overview of past, present to future of behavioral finance.

创建者 Prasanth S B

Jan 27, 2021

The content of the course is made to be learnt by someone who doesnt understand even much of finance. In addition, the course provided learning on various probabilities and how human psyche works in various situations. Thoroughly enjoyed completing the course.

创建者 Andres S S S

Apr 30, 2020

Understanding how people think and the factors that affect their decision making can help me stay one step ahead and contribute to my advisory skills. This is mostly true during hard times or crises.

#DecisionMaking #BehavioralEconomics #CognitiveBias #CFA

创建者 Joswa A

Jan 23, 2017

This course is very a very challenging since it deals about behavioral aspects. But then, this course is fun and exciting because I was able to see biases and mistakes that many people does and became aware that I commit those mistakes also. Two thumbs up!

创建者 Anggita L

Sep 11, 2018

Excellent course! Many historical events proved that so many not-so-illogical factors influence the way people make decisions. The exams were challenging as we were trained to identify which biases are involved and link them to actual historical mistakes.

创建者 Takanobu S

Sep 14, 2016

it helped me to built up my basic knowledge of behavioral finance through very effective and attractive movies and interesting reading stuffs as well as testing which I had to review my notes and research to think it over. Thank you for the great course!

创建者 thuonghien

Jun 24, 2018

This's useful course for my Finance Major. It's not only offer the theory applying real life, but also helps Behavioral Finance of people is rational. I wish that The course would be advanced from another reputation universities. Thank Coursera so much.

创建者 Hemang D G

Apr 23, 2020

very good examples to illustrate the various biases and challenging quizzes. Would have liked some explanations for answers for the latter quizzes as I couldn't answer a few queastions even after a re-quiz. Excellent introduction to Behavior Finance !

创建者 Sameer K

Aug 4, 2016

Excellent course. Quick and concise, but packed with hugely relevant theory for those in the financial services and investment management world. Well delivered and excellent tests to cement the knowledge. My thanks to the organisers for their work.

创建者 César R P M

Aug 30, 2020

It is a short (3 weeks) but very complete course, with very useful explanation of each cognitive bias that affect our financial decisions. I recommend this course especially because the content that explains our behavior in the financial crisis.

创建者 Benjamin G

Jul 26, 2017

Good mix of slide pdfs and videos to promote enough thoughtful discussion of the topic to feel like I learned something. Additionally, the quizzes were actually pretty challenging. I feel like those were excellent learning opportunities as well.

创建者 Jeremy R P L

Dec 21, 2016

I personally enjoy this course, really interesting in different points and open my vision in a way. I would like to be able to communicate directly with the professor because I was uncertain of my level of comprehension through certain parts.