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学生对 多伦多大学 提供的 心理健康和疾病的社会背景 的评价和反馈

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Learn how social factors promote mental health, influence the onset and course of mental illness, and affect how mental illnesses are diagnosed and treated. This course explores how our understanding of mental health and illness has been influenced by social attitudes and social developments in North America and around the world. The course begins by situating our contemporary mental health practices in historical context, then looks at different aspects of mental health, mental illness and mental health services and their connections to what’s going on in our social environment....


Sep 27, 2020

A very enlightening course. This opened my eyes a lot more to what Mental health is all about and how patients with diverse mental illness struggle through their journey to healing and recovery.

Aug 18, 2020

This is a very interesting and eye opening course. Professor Williams explained in such a way that students like me with zero knowledge could understand and be interested. Highly recommended.


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创建者 Jennifer S

Mar 22, 2018

The information and coursework was perfect. The only negative for me was peer grading. The course was well presented and very helpful. The assignments were also very useful and helped to solidify the knowledge presented.

创建者 Freda E

Mar 22, 2021

I enjoyed the course The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness. Informational and thought provoking however I was somewhat disappointed with lack of updated course lecture information.

创建者 Cristina G

Jan 7, 2021

The course is really interesting and the teacher is very good. Maybe there are information, like some reports of the WHO or some links which don't work, that should be update.

创建者 DomInique B

Dec 4, 2016

I really like the course, all the information presentent.

I think it can be better if there was some test, because sometimes it gets too easy.

创建者 Farouk H

Apr 2, 2018

The insight gained from the course was amazing. I learnt a lot! Plus the teaching style and course content made the whole difference.

创建者 Flordeluna G T

Apr 23, 2020

It’s an awesome topic. I enjoyed the assigned readings as well it broadened my knowledge on mental health.

创建者 ekasmayi n

Jun 25, 2020

well structured and rich with information, the detailed coverage of each topic was really delightful.

创建者 Claudia P

Aug 12, 2020

I like how this course can cover a lot of topics but I don't like that know is old information

创建者 Miquèu A

Apr 20, 2021

Good quality at some tomes a bit basic but the materials and the teacher are excelent

创建者 Lisa H

Dec 7, 2020

Very informative and personal. Thanks so much

创建者 Janai M

Oct 2, 2021

great it was challenging to say the least.

创建者 Mary A S

Mar 6, 2017


创建者 Piera A

Mar 24, 2021

I really liked the content of the course. A lot of knowledge on a high level transmitted really understandable. If you don't want to achieve a certificate that course is really a five star.

Going for a certificate I was very disappointed about the way the course was evaluated. There were only assignments to submit and these were only graded by peers. That is okay in that you can sinthesize the content, but not a real feedback since it s unknown who lies behind the feedback. I would have prefered that there were as well quizzes that would really had given me a feedback about how I implemented the context itself. I belief there would also have been a possibilty to sinthesize the content as well in quizz form.

What I didn't like as well was that some of the readings were not available anymore even though students already informed the course administration.

But as I said contentwise, absolutely great!!!!

创建者 Jordan C

Mar 31, 2020

Very long and boring videos

创建者 Jamie V

Feb 29, 2020

I appreciated the focus on mental health and mental illness, and I enjoyed learning about the history of asylums and the DSM. However, I did not learn as much as I had hoped to. The course felt more like a commentary, than actually learning about certain topics.

创建者 amanda f

Aug 30, 2021

I was distressed by how out of date much of the presented information was, and unhappy that sourced materials were unavailable because of outdated links. I would not recommend this course.

创建者 Tam M K C

Oct 13, 2021

Not attractive