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学生对 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Hypothesis-Driven Development 的评价和反馈

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To deliver agile outcomes, you have to do more than implement agile processes- you have to create focus around what matters to your user and constantly test your ideas. This is easier said than done, but most of today’s high-functioning innovators have a strong culture of experimentation. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the right questions at the right time, and pair them with the right methods to do just enough testing to make sure you minimize waste and maximize the outcomes you create with your user. This course is supported by the Batten Institute at UVA’s Darden School of Business. The Batten Institute’s mission is to improve the world through entrepreneurship and innovation:



Jan 8, 2022

I loved the whole specialization has a lot of benefits about product management from A to Z and especially this course was discussing every point in more detail for the whole specialization.


Jan 29, 2019

Alex does an excellent job in structuring and delivering his courses. Definitely makes me want to continue educational opportunities with his courses offered and University of Virginia.


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Sep 25, 2018

This course actually bring all that knowledge into light which has been taught in Course 1-3. all videos specially the interview are the essence of this course.

创建者 Hemant B K

Aug 28, 2019

Very good content and presentation. Liked the talks by different people from industry which gives a real world perspective from Agile practitioners

创建者 Javier D H M

Dec 27, 2020

As always, Alex is amazing explaining these concepts and guiding the interviews which give a lot of insights on the practical part of this course

创建者 Kasuntha M

Nov 15, 2020

Excellent course for the beginners as well as for the intermediates, I highly recommend. Thank you for the immense support throughout the course.

创建者 Yasmin

Mar 11, 2020

I love this course as it introduces me to new concepts and I felt it very interactive particularly, Anders wallgreens and continous delivery.

创建者 Timothy-Ray H

Feb 11, 2021

Very interesting course. Very well presented and an excellent introduction to other practitioners in the industry (through video interviews).

创建者 Nicola Z

May 27, 2018

very interesting and helpful experience. I can suggest this course to all people who want to learn something about agile. Great job mr Alex!

创建者 Tanmaya P

Jun 29, 2020

Great content ! Alex is an awesome teacher ! I have never liked other non technical courses as the content gets repetitive after a point .

创建者 David T

Jul 9, 2017

Who, what, how and why. So important and Agile provides the framework to help me Hypothesize, experiment and learn from my efforts.

创建者 Keila G G

Nov 13, 2020

Alex Cowan really makes a great job translating AGILE concepts into real-world tools. I have learned a lot in this specialization.

创建者 Miguel A T A

May 12, 2019

Es un muy buen curso, me dio mucha luz sobre la importancia de la automatización de las pruebas en equipos ágiles de desarrollo.

创建者 Charmaine N

Mar 29, 2021

This course is very challenging but very relevant to changing one's mindset to support transforming to an agile mindset.

创建者 Honain M D

Apr 8, 2021

Great content with a lot of practical knowledge. This course really helped change my view of conducting IT projects.

创建者 Soren G

Feb 1, 2020

Data-driven development and with an instructor who knows what he talks about also from a very practical perspective.

创建者 Dharma K

Nov 15, 2020

I was able to relate the material to my day to day job and hope to apply some of the concepts on regular basis.

创建者 Simas M

Nov 2, 2020

Clear, simple and understandable. Very useful knowledges for nowadays new generation project management age.

创建者 Itthipat L

Sep 28, 2020

Practical course with a mix of methodology and real-life sharing experience through interviews with experts.

创建者 Vivek M

Sep 18, 2020

The Hypothesis Driven Development gives a insight into applying the right techniques in the Agile framework

创建者 shams l

Nov 13, 2019

Great insights on how testing and continuous integration, delivery and deployment are happening in agile way

创建者 Paulius U

Jul 29, 2018

Comprehensive, detailed and well worth the time. Everyone in software development business should take this.

创建者 Sebastian A P

Jul 29, 2021

Muy buen curso, aprendes herramientas para realizar tus experimentos y darle foco a la solución correcta

创建者 Paulo H C

Apr 15, 2017

The evaluations instructions some times are a little vague, but the material is very helpful. Thank you!

创建者 Karl G

Oct 7, 2017

Great course. The material is well designed and I learned a lot, throughout the specialization so far.

创建者 Enrique S L

Oct 30, 2020

Muy bien explicado y bien complementado con los consejos de los especialistas conocidos de Alex Cowan.

创建者 Frédéric V

Aug 1, 2020

Very interesting, I really learn a lot and I found this course very useful and even very pleasant