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学生对 爱丁堡大学 提供的 天体生物学和寻找外星生命 的评价和反馈

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Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth....



Oct 12, 2015

Very interesting and engaging course. There are longer and more in-depth courses if you want them but if you want a concise overview of astrobiology on your own time, then this course is perfect!


Dec 02, 2017

i have studied phisycs in syria and i have finish it after this great course i am realy thinking in master in astronomy or astrobiology master thank you very much for this amzing course :D


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创建者 Vasiliki M

Sep 27, 2016

Very interesting

创建者 Sándor S

Jan 27, 2017

It was short :(

创建者 Mario

Aug 01, 2016

Excelent course

创建者 Matilde M

Aug 15, 2015

Very enjoyable

创建者 Caryann S

Feb 04, 2019

Great course.

创建者 Scott A S

Nov 18, 2017

Great course!

创建者 Ceren B

Aug 24, 2019

The Best!!!!

创建者 Harold N

Mar 04, 2016

Great Class

创建者 Carlos M

Jan 13, 2018


创建者 Thilo H L

Oct 19, 2016


创建者 Shaul C

Sep 07, 2015

Very Good!

创建者 Anurup M

Dec 30, 2018

Best ever

创建者 Pablo A L

Nov 11, 2017


创建者 Anna-Maria Å

Jul 24, 2017

Loved it!

创建者 M H A

May 20, 2016


创建者 Dharmik P

Jul 16, 2017


创建者 Juan A B G

Feb 06, 2017


创建者 Rada P

Jul 26, 2017


创建者 Edouard R

Oct 03, 2019


创建者 聂进

Oct 25, 2015


创建者 John K H

Jun 03, 2017


创建者 Greifell s d o

Sep 08, 2015


创建者 Marcos P

Aug 30, 2015


创建者 Efstathiou G

Jan 03, 2019

Very interesting and informative course, the instructor is actually really engaging. However, after week 3 it seems that the instructor just wanted to get it over with, having videos of 6-8 minutes covering topics that astrophysicists would need twice the time to comprehend (like the methods of searching for exoplanets). And the fact that after a 15-20 minute collection of videos you need to take a quiz of 20 questions, means that the instructor actually spent less than a minute explaining each one of these questions. Overall, it was a great course, which I totally recommend to anyone who is interested in learning a few basics in astrobiology, however, in my opinion, for those of us who have zero to limited knowledge of astrobiology, this introduction to astrobiology should have been a little more detailed, with longer videos explaining all these interesting topics with greater detail.

创建者 Anandita K A

Sep 15, 2015

I love this course, it gave me the basic idea of how life could and couldn't start with one situation or another. The impact of some element in our life and how alternative elements have smaller chance to be the backbone of life is not a common thing to think in my everyday life (a fresh air for me)

I have difficulty to remember all the project that we all do to search the extraterrestrial life though XD...this course make me think that I now have a basic scientific facts to start build a new story about the early life in earth <3 oh my god, thanks a lot sir!! (^u^)v