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Cloud computing systems today, whether open-source or used inside companies, are built using a common set of core techniques, algorithms, and design philosophies – all centered around distributed systems. Learn about such fundamental distributed computing "concepts" for cloud computing. Some of these concepts include: clouds, MapReduce, key-value/NoSQL stores, classical distributed algorithms, widely-used distributed algorithms, scalability, trending areas, and much, much more! Know how these systems work from the inside out. Get your hands dirty using these concepts with provided homework exercises. In the programming assignments, implement some of these concepts in template code (programs) provided in the C++ programming language. Prior experience with C++ is required. The course also features interviews with leading researchers and managers, from both industry and academia....



Jul 16, 2017

Great course, I would recommend to everyone who wants to understand the basics of cloud computing. The course material is excellent, the instructor Indy is phenomenal and the exams are marvelous.


Oct 07, 2016

This instructor is fantastic. He is exceptionally thorough and his delivery is very good as well. This is a course definitely worth taking if you are interested in learning more about the cloud.


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创建者 Jerry Z

Jun 27, 2016

It's a great course, but the assignments are kind of annoying.

创建者 Arseni L

Jan 01, 2020

Course is great, but some lectures feel slightly outdated

创建者 shivam p

Sep 10, 2017

This is by far the best course i have seen in courseera

创建者 Xiangzhen S

Oct 19, 2016

Very difficult programming assignment if not an expert.

创建者 Xiuyu H

Dec 27, 2019

Nice quiz and assignment! Interesting teacher :)

创建者 kim g

Feb 21, 2019

Covered the basics of cloud computing very well.

创建者 Suresh V

Apr 24, 2019

To the point videos and very good assignments.

创建者 Shyam S N

Dec 23, 2016

Good introduction to the concepts.

创建者 nikhil n

Nov 09, 2016

Nice Course with Nice Tasks.

创建者 Weidong X

Sep 08, 2019

Great course.

创建者 Nguyen Q L

May 23, 2019

Good Course !


Jan 14, 2019


创建者 Patrick S

Jun 04, 2017

High quality lectures are brought down by a terrible programming assignment and unresponsiveness by staff regarding the assignment.

The professor has very good step-by-step explanations of the algorithms as well as detailed notes. Although it may seem abstract or unrelated, the content is very relevant to the state of cloud computing. to the assignment... The assignment has unclear instructions, a bad C++ (not 11) code template that can even prevent you from running the code due to hard-coded buffer sizes and not actually using sizeof() properly, and a lot of the ugly code is in regions you are not allowed to modify. Expect to spend more time ( > 3x as much) trying to figure out the template than actually trying to apply the concepts of the course.

创建者 Nandhini

Jul 08, 2017

The course was very interesting and the assignment was good.

I had trouble submitting the assignment though I finished it a month back. The submission was tougher than the assignment and the course itself. I have only windows OS, and the assignment materials are for Linux and Mac users. I had to use Cygwin to compile and run grader script. Submission didn't work from cygwin. I would have rated this course 5 if not for the trouble that I encountered for submitting the assignment.

创建者 Rachana N A

Dec 03, 2016

The concepts are explained very well. The only issue was the Programming assignment, which could have been more descriptive. Also, they could've given us the option of choosing a programming language.

创建者 Tao Z

Feb 26, 2017

The course contents are composed of some superficial concepts of cloud computing. And the code framework for programing assignment written in c++ is probably the worst kind of code I've ever seen.

创建者 Bingqing M

Sep 24, 2018

I do like the material and lectures but the huge problem is there is no TA or platform like Piazza to ask questions. I think it would be nice to just have a TA or advisor to answer questions

创建者 Ben N

Jul 08, 2018

This is not about cloud computing but distributed systems. Feels like a bait and switch. This is not what I was looking to learn (because I've already done that!)

创建者 Darko C

Sep 15, 2019

Homeworks are too much work, Proving that you know concepts should be done few times, not 5 times for each one.

创建者 Aman S

Jul 06, 2018

Nice overview of all the cloud concepts but lags in difficulty level for beginners

创建者 Raul K

Dec 08, 2017

It is alright. I was expecting some higher quality though. I do not recommend it.

创建者 Darren

Dec 18, 2017

It's too difficult to me. But the interview is good

创建者 David C

Mar 30, 2018

This course is totally not for the beginner, even you pass the prerequisite with 100% score easily.

I understand the distributed algorithms could be hard, but the instructor didn't seem to teach in a beginner-friendly way, he just read the PPT without emphasis. In my opinion, this course should just be a little harder than the Algorithm course. (BTW, I couldn't find another alternative yet, maybe other people could suggest.)

Just as lots of other reviewers mentioned, the C++ Gossip assignment is really a mess for a non-C++-expert, even you are an experienced non-C++ programmer.

Hope I could pass this course after I gain lots of insights from other places in the future.

创建者 Zihao C

Jul 21, 2019

Actually this course contains decent material, as long as you don't pay for homework and programming assignment. The homework and final test ask about very detail of a concret implementation, instead of some concept or idea. When it comes to vector timestamp/unicast/multicast, the cases presented in the tests and homeworks are presented in an unnecessarily complicated way. Also the starting code in the programming assignment is written in a bad way, both in codeing style and design decision, and takes you more time to get started with it.

Basically I like the course content. But I won't recommend you to pay for the homework/programming assignment.

创建者 Vitaliy G

Aug 06, 2016

The course is not for beginners and WinForm lovers. This is real re-branding yourself. I would say path to reborn to what real open source world is living in. Low or no help from course instructor, community or google. Course comes in huge amount of concentrated videos. 7 hardest assignments. I would give up on the beginning but commitment is top of all. I respect anyone who has completed.