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基因表达的表观遗传调控, 墨尔本大学

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While the human genome sequence has transformed our understanding of human biology, it isn’t just the sequence of your DNA that matters, but also how you use it! How are some genes activated and others are silenced? How is this controlled? The answer is epigenetics. Epigenetics has been a hot topic for research over the past decade as it has become clear that aberrant epigenetic control contributes to disease (particularly to cancer). Epigenetic alterations are heritable through cell division, and in some instances are able to behave similarly to mutations in terms of their stability. Importantly, unlike genetic mutations, epigenetic modifications are reversible and therefore have the potential to be manipulated therapeutically. It has also become clear in recent years that epigenetic modifications are sensitive to the environment (for example diet), which has sparked a large amount of public debate and research. This course will give an introduction to the fundamentals of epigenetic control. We will examine epigenetic phenomena that are manifestations of epigenetic control in several organisms, with a focus on mammals. We will examine the interplay between epigenetic control and the environment and finally the role of aberrant epigenetic control in disease. All necessary information will be covered in the lectures, and recommended and required readings will be provided. There are no additional required texts for this course. For those interested, additional information can be obtained in the following textbook. Epigenetics. Allis, Jenuwein, Reinberg and Caparros. Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory Press. ISBN-13: 978-0879697242 | Edition: 1...


创建者 MM

Oct 02, 2018

This was an excellent course. All the material was well presented and the explanation of the sometimes complex subject matter was clear and understandable. Thank you for an great learning experience.

创建者 DS

Aug 25, 2018

This is an excellent course that introduces you to fundamental knowledge of several hot topics in the field of epigenetics. Dr. Blewitt herself studies X inactivation, and I learned so much!


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创建者 Simona Baránková

May 20, 2019

This course is certainly a perfect way how to learn about this exciting field of Biology. Very interesting and useful examples of epigenetic control across the species. I especially value Dr. Marnie Blewitt and her way to explain these phenomena in a clear and understandable way.

创建者 John Williams

May 17, 2019

Great course with a good survey of epigenetics.

创建者 Talha Irfan

May 16, 2019

This course is wonderful: Quality of contents, level/depth and instructor's experience/way of teaching. I saw this course first time in 2016 and its couple of lectures were enough to give me a direction for my Masters thesis. This time, I wanted to complete it all the way and Alhamdulillah a dream came true: I have learnt a lot of things which I had no idea about (mere couple of months ago). In terms of quality and rarity of available material on this subject, I have no qualms about rating it as the Best Course ever on MOOC!

创建者 Aya Elbaz Sultan

May 02, 2019


创建者 Fatima Noreen

Apr 30, 2019

Very comprehensive and full of knowledge course .helped me alot

创建者 Paul Saunders

Mar 30, 2019

Well organized and thought out. Developed the concepts well with clear examples from literature. Gave an understanding of the state of the field and where there are things that still need to be worked out.

创建者 Donald Brown

Mar 20, 2019

Best cousera I have taken. Extremely well done.

创建者 Afolake Arowolo

Mar 19, 2019

A very good course.

创建者 Neelam Fatima

Mar 01, 2019

it was an excellent course and worth spending time on.

创建者 Mohammad Kazan

Feb 27, 2019

Great and Very informative Course