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Do you want to promote diversity and inclusion? This course will empower and equip you to develop inclusive cultures where everyone feels valued and respected. You will learn how highly inclusive leaders from around the world use processes of social influence to interact effectively with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. You will deepen your understanding of the benefits of diversity. And, you will explore a wealth of perspectives and practices to help you to reap those benefits. This course is for current or aspiring leaders in ANY type of workplace, in ANY leadership role - a CEO of a corporation, a head of a department, a manager of a workgroup, a team leader, a chair of a committee, you name it! Course highlights include studying signature traits of inclusive leadership (based on global research), strengthening self-awareness, developing your communication skills, and improving your ability to help others feel a strong sense of belonging. Course content covers traditional and timely topics -- from listening, feedback, and collaboration, to privilege, implicit bias, microaggressions, and micro-affirmations. The instructor for this course is nationally recognized educator, leader, and public speaker, Dr. Brenda J. Allen (Communication Professor Emerita). Dr. Allen is a retired Chief Diversity Officer who offers highly-rated workshops, consultations, and presentations on topics such as inclusive leadership, racial equity, strategic planning, respect in the workplace, and diversity recruitment/retention practices. She has a proven ability for explaining complex and sensitive topics in non-threatening ways. She clearly explains concepts and offers compelling real-life examples - including her own experiences....



Apr 23, 2021

Even though I am not a leader or have not been a leader, this course has contributed to me a lot. I am sure that I shall be able to use all the information I learned in this course, in my social life.


May 9, 2021

This was an excellent guiding self paced course with valuable information that Dr. Allen has provided for all of her students and I will apply the resources and information for my on the job working.


301 - Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Workplace Diversity 的 325 个评论(共 549 个)

创建者 Antoinette W

Apr 15, 2022

It's a very intense course. Much information and very well presented by a graceful Dr. Allen.

创建者 Antonio A

May 21, 2021

Excellent program, very complete in terms of content and resources and with very current tools

创建者 CHARAN S S 2

May 17, 2021

Miss Brenda was very good. Her teaching was crystal clear and the resources were very helpful.

创建者 Carolina d M A T F

May 16, 2021

Everyone should take this course, even if not in a leadership position. I highly recommend it!

创建者 Suresh N

May 8, 2022

Fantastic course to get great insights on DEI.. I love the pace and teaching style. Flawless.

创建者 Shahroz Q

Aug 29, 2021

I find this course quite amazing to learn new things about Inclusive Leadership. Recommended.

创建者 Ximena T R

Jun 23, 2021

Very helpful insight on the topic! And I really enjoyed Mrs. Allen´s way of teaching. Thanks!

创建者 Julie A S

May 22, 2021

A wonderful course, well organized and delivered. I'll be recommending this to my co-workers.

创建者 Makaeva A V

May 11, 2021

Мне очень понравился курс и лектор! Вся изложенная информация была крайне полезна. Благодарю!

创建者 illyana a

Apr 20, 2021

love this course! Such an evergreen and important topic that everyone must learn and relearn!

创建者 Nairí P d l S

Jul 20, 2021

I loved all the content, examples and information that I was able to improve in this course.

创建者 Crystal M

May 6, 2021

The professor was very easy to understand and follow. I learned a lot and enjoyed the class.

创建者 Ramatu B S

Apr 22, 2021

The learner platform is tough and very much informative, I have learned more than before.

创建者 HARI P G

Nov 27, 2021

I​t is excellent course. Must go for it with learning attitude, you will be great leader.

创建者 Odongo B

Apr 19, 2021

This will help you be the best leader a diverse and dynamic world of the modern day needs

创建者 Sean J M R

Jun 26, 2021

This course is really great!! Professor Brenda J. Allen tackled every lecture perfectly!

创建者 mohammed m

May 21, 2021

i have learned a lot of things even though i have been practicing leadership since years

创建者 Madhavan T

May 4, 2021

It is one of the best courses to learn with ease, the art of being an Inclusive Leader.

创建者 Joe M L

Apr 27, 2021

It is really a well-planned course and it is very useful for the organizations and life

创建者 Samah G

Sep 11, 2021

حقيقي استفادت جدا جدا من الكورس وأسلوب المحاضرات والقراءة للمقالات والفيديوهات


创建者 Tameka B

May 14, 2021

This course was great. I truly applaud the Professor for being very clear and concise.

创建者 Faldamu A

Nov 10, 2021

So far, I most say I have learnt a lot... every session of this course is impactful.

创建者 Stephanie S

Oct 10, 2021

Dr. Allen is a wonderful teacher! This course was informative, concise, and helpful.

创建者 Derlon R

May 8, 2021

Bem abrangente, preciso de certificado com a carga horaria constando no certificado.

创建者 Hafiz M J

May 22, 2021

It is amazing..

I have completed two weeks of course.. two more weeks are remaining.