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学生对 明尼苏达大学 提供的 Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Innovations 的评价和反馈

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This course in the Healthcare Marketplace specialization gives the learner an in-depth view of the intellectual property creation that is vital to creating breakthrough technologies. Included is an understanding of the strategy deployed for pricing drugs and new technologies as well as the market sizing exercise to identify where future research and development investments should be made....



Jul 14, 2017

Very useful to get the domain knowledge about pharmaceutical and medical devices field; markets ranging both in the USA and globally. Gained immense knowledge b taking this course. Thank you.


May 31, 2020

Best course to learn as to understand the innovation of health sector and also useful to get knowledge about the pharmaceutical and medical device industries


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创建者 Joao B

May 16, 2016

Clear with good real examples!


Jun 20, 2019

thanks for your financial aid

创建者 Safiye N Y

Jul 9, 2020

very useful informations

创建者 alyas c

Apr 18, 2020

Somewhat basic

创建者 Hannia M V S

Oct 8, 2021

Great course

创建者 Nitin G

Apr 26, 2019

Nice course

创建者 Charles E B

Nov 6, 2019

Disappointed by the scope of this course.

Steve clearly has a greater interest/knowledge of the Medical Device market and this is reflected in the material for the Pharma market which was disappointing, especially when the BioPharma market is far bigger than MedTech.

If you want a course on Steve's interest and likes this is the course for you. Wish they could have brought in a lecturer with a more balanced focus, I often find Steve's lecturing hard to follow also.

创建者 Md S H

May 29, 2020

One of the courses on coursera related to pharmaceuticals, only problem is the audio quality which is very low volume compared to other courses and also there is no devices included. Just the innovation and clinical trials and regulation.

创建者 Shakhlo

Jun 23, 2016

All in all,the idea of the topic is good and informative, however honestly speaking I didnt like teaching method of professors. The video volume was very quite.

创建者 Milene D

Nov 16, 2017

Lots of typing/grammatical errors in the quizzes and assignments made it difficult at times to understand what was being asked. The content was fine.

创建者 Nikhil K K

Jul 22, 2020

The person who spoke was not very effective and loud and at some points lost track of the main topic even though the topic was very interesting

创建者 Hugo R S

Nov 24, 2021

Some of the material was outdated and the form of communicating and presenting felt a bit dull at times.

创建者 Prateek S

Nov 8, 2020

The explanation of the content should have been more interactive. It was monotonous and less engaging.

创建者 Justyna K

Oct 23, 2018

The instructor is basically reading what's written on the slides. Tests are super easy.

创建者 Piyush J

Jun 1, 2020

The course is good but some content is outdated and needs to be updated.

创建者 Emilie L

Apr 6, 2017

A bit of repetition with module 1 of the Specialization.

创建者 Varad K

Aug 9, 2020

Explanation and Verbal Clarity Could be better.

创建者 Katlego A M

Jul 31, 2020

It is a nice course and its really fun

创建者 Rania M A A

Dec 25, 2021


创建者 Mandy K

Nov 29, 2020

Some of the modules were not very clear. Instructor was quite incoherent in some of the videos and just reading off content from the slides. Wished there was more in-depth examples and clarity on some of the sub-topics he was trying to explain.

创建者 Fariba S

Aug 15, 2020

The lectures were hard to understand because of the way the presenter spoke. He sometimes talked too fast or with a low voice. I lost my enthusiasm for this course and felt bored listening to the lectures..

创建者 حسن س ج

Mar 25, 2020

The course leader is not giving the course the full potential and do not have academic capabilities of giving a full picture around the course, besides the course is not well introduced

创建者 Dr. B C

Jun 16, 2020

Audio is hard to hear. Sometimes Prof are not audible or clearly understandable. A lot of business/market related info rather than innovation related topics.

创建者 Wong E L

May 22, 2020

Course content is very US centered.