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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
Introductory course
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High quality instructor
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Mar 29, 2018

Very good introduction to basic programming. Very easy for beginners in python who have already some programming background - but still extremely useful to quickly and efficiently learn python basics.


Jan 03, 2018

Thank you. It was a worthwhile course. Entertaining as well. I just wish that there were more sample homework before the exercises so students could see how the lessons are applied to actual problems.


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创建者 Jhen J H

Aug 11, 2018

The programing course is quite easy to learn. The teacher 's explanation is clear and sometimes funny! I think it's a great way to learn programing which makes me happy not boring. When watching the videos without boring, I learn a lot of the basic programing a lot. The ways to hand in the assignment is also convenient, just type your Python code on a website, submit ,and done! The score shows up immediately, so I can correct my code immediately, it didn't take much time for me to learning this programing course. Thanks to the course and my teacher a lot!

创建者 Clark C

Jun 15, 2016

I really enjoyed this course, the teacher has a very friendly tone and he is great at explaining all the concepts. I appreciate his efforts and everyone else who contributed to this course. And finally I really like the interviews, it is nice to be able to hear interviews with the creator of Python and authors of Python books and their stories, it helps to broaden my knowledge past just knowing the language but also its history. Overall it was a great course and it taught me a lot about Python while keeping it interesting with interviews of great people.

创建者 Tatarsky N

Jan 02, 2020

This was my first experience with a programming language (Python) offered by the University of Michigan via the Coursera platform. I have learned a lot during this course. The lectures and all the material are well-organized and structured. Charles Russell Severance is an extremely fascinating and interesting mentor! He explains the material clearly and neatly. I am very excited and happy because there are 4 more courses in this specialization. I will definitely participate in them as well. Thank you a lot for providing such a great learning experience.

创建者 Sam O

Mar 14, 2017

It provides good resources and information for basic programming and Python. The lecture is a true college style. The chapters are well organized, and the instructor explains step by step. I have studied computer science before and am an experienced programmer. So, I did not pay, and finished the whole course in one week;one day for one chapter, but I recommend this course for everybody who wants to learn programming and Python. You will learn what programming means by the end of the course, along with learning basic Python programming language.

创建者 Jenai A

Apr 10, 2018

Great beginner course, learned a lot and feel more confident in foundational python. I didn't study CS in college and only took a beginning CS class during my senior spring (learned java). A year and a half later, I took this course and it was very straightforward and the information was strongly reinforced through lecture videos, quizzes, assignments, and the textbook (definitely recommend reading the textbook). I was able to finish all 7 weeks in 1 week, spending a couple hours a day on it.

Will be continuing on to the other 4 courses in this class.

创建者 Joseph V

Apr 26, 2017

I've taken online programming classes in the past, and this is by far the best. Dr. Chuck's curriculum covered concepts, constructs, and the basics of the language in a way that made learning a new language engaging and fun. Content was covered in a way that kept me engaged (even though I've written a ton of code in VB and C#) while at the same time, the material was presented so that someone with no programming experience at all, could follow along and grasp all of the material ins plain English.

I am looking forward to the next course in this series.

创建者 Mayakkannan S

Jun 10, 2016

This is a well structured course for people who are beginners and have enough to attract people who have programming experience as well. I am a programmer with legacy background and perl, I enrolled to this course so that I can mentor my juniors at work on python; esp perl to python code conversion and attending this course is immensely satisfying from that objective. I will attend the other courses and probably build some materials so that I can cover the entire course 1-4 in a week.

Thanks Dr. Chuck and team from coursera and University of Michigan.

创建者 Payal B

Jan 01, 2020

This course is excellent! I loved the course content, the very interactive assignments, and especially the incredible Professor Charles Severance. Professor Severance does an incredible job unfolding programming for beginners, just starting out (like me). The content taught is mainly in the form of videos and the visuals really helped me understand the content very clearly. The assignments and quizzes are made to simply make sure one has been paying attention. They are not hard and not demotivating in the least. I am so very glad I took this course.

创建者 Colin S

Jan 06, 2016

Great Professor and I really enjoyed the basic building block approach. It allowed me to learn slowly and completely while I took in all the new material. This was the perfect course for me since I had no prior programming knowledge at all. Thanks Dr. Chuck!

The only suggestion I have is to provide more exercises to really cement the lessons, similar to math class back in high school where you had to do multiple problems to see for yourself how different variations of the same types of problems work out. Although I may be alone in wishing for that!

创建者 Dilrini R

Jul 18, 2016

Dr. Severence does a great job of organizing the information in a manner that keeps me engaged, and knows when and how to describe common errors in logic and how to avoid/fix them. The accompanying text is similarly engaging and informative; it manages to explain quite a few concepts in each chapter, without being an overwhelming amount of information. I feel I am getting a great functional (vs. heavily theoretical) introduction to programming concepts and the Python language. The exercises have ingrained the material covered in the lectures.

创建者 Jason B

Jun 23, 2016

I think the textbook does a great job of explaining things very well. I did not watch any videos so can not comment on them as supplements to the textbook. However, after taking this course, I do feel like I have a good foundation for learning Python and code in general.

My only criticism is that the course still uses an older version of Python which has some differences and can make the learning frustrating if you are not aware of those differences. Granted, with a free textbook for an older version this is a minor issue thus far in the series.

创建者 orobosa o

Oct 12, 2016

As annoying as the auto-grader was at times, I still enjoyed the course. The material was properly presented and curated which goes to say a lot of blood, tears and sweat was definitely put into the course. I highly recommend this course for beginning programmers and/ or more experienced programmers who many want to familiarize themselves with python syntax or get a refresher. A big thank you to the team and the initiatives behind this course most especially Professor Severance who has a unique style and engaging style of content delivering.

创建者 Katherine E

Jul 31, 2018

Awesome instructor and lots of great resources to aid in understanding - such as discussion boards and assignments using the code grader tool. I really liked seeing the instructor interact with the slides. This helped my understanding the concepts. I do not have a programming background although I am in IT operations. The course was very accessible and I look forward to the remaining courses of Python for Everybody. I recommend it to anyone with no experience in programming looking to get started in Python. Thank you Dr. Chuck and Coursera!

创建者 Gavin C

Nov 25, 2016

A really nice, gentle introduction to the basics of the Python language. I was already familiar with much of it from previous endeavours at learning to code, so managed to get through each week in about an evening's work, but it didn't 'feel right' to jump into the second course straight away. The last programming assignment caused a little bit of head scratching, and re-highlighted the need for careful, precise thinking when writing even short pieces of code. I've enjoyed this course and will be back for the Data Structures module soon :)

创建者 Mark P

Oct 23, 2019

Great starter course. Platform has some bugs loading videos and the code editor is very finicky to spaces and tabs even if you write it directly in the assignment editor provided. Best practice is to use your own editor, run the code in the command prompt like the instructor suggests, and then paste your code from atom or whatever into the assignment editor. Also, the discussion forums reply section is buggy and wrote my response vertically which was very strange and should get fixed. Otherwise good course and good pace for beginners.

创建者 Timothy A C

May 10, 2016

Great course for a beginner. Instructor and student assistants make sure that you get the basics and (most important) grasp the concepts behind the code. This is very important because next to the keywords and syntax the most crucial thing to be learned is to start "thinking" like a programmer. How to break it down to the necessary incremental steps.

I personally like the combination of video lecture, on-line student notes and on-line lab. Getting Python installed locally is a breeze for Windows or Linux. Already enrolled in Course 2!!

创建者 Adityavikram T

Jun 03, 2018

I'm already familiar with coding, in languages like C, C++ and Java. But starting from scratch for a new language like Python was cool. Prof. Chuck engaged the viewer quite effectively and i appreciate that. Solving periodic quizzes helped me be reassured that i knew what was being taught in the course. This course takes its due time to teach us various concepts in Python and in no place did i feel that something was rushed through without proper explanation. So all in all, it's a good course to start off one's journey in Python.


创建者 Mustafa K

Nov 26, 2015

A very good content with additional inspiring interviews. Names on it, it is getting started course, it is giving foundations of Python. Because I have some programming background in Java, I have completed it in a week without skipping anything. Dr. Charles Severance makes his job very well and more importantly in very enjoying way :). I'm looking forward to taking next Python course from him. Last but not least, very thanks to Coursera for providing us accessing top class courses in free of charge. Best wishes for all from Turkey.

创建者 Cristopher D G L

Dec 26, 2016

Great intro to Python. I've had some formal training in C++, MATLAB, and I completed the codecademy section of Python a while back. This was a nice re-introduction to Python, but more formal. The only complaint I have is with the grader. I had no issues running my programs from my terminal, but the grader kept giving me indentation issues. Not sure what the problem was, but it was a pain to deal with considering the code worked in other places. Aside from that the lectures are quick and helpful and the examples are helpful as well

创建者 Saikat M

Sep 09, 2017

I'm very happy because of the way the whole session has made progress. It is easy to understand because of the way things were explained. You are an awesome teacher!!!

Just one little/tiny concern i.e. before explaining what is list, I saw the course started using list. If a little insight of list would have been provided in the course, it could have been a 100% complete course.But anyways, without that it's 99.99% satisfactory though. :)

Again, thanks for having this very helpful course to build Python base of the learners strong.

创建者 Joan M C

Jul 23, 2019

Good introduction to Python and programming. I learned the basics of 3 other languages in the 80's (FORTRAN, Pascal and elementary assembly language), so programming is not new for me. Since it has been so long since I have written a program I started with PY4E to dust off the cobwebs. the video lessons were clear and mildly entertaining - which made it fun to learn. The assignments and quizzes were purposeful, because they help clarify subtleties and encourage practice.

I am planning on taking the next course in the sequence.

创建者 Matthew A

Aug 26, 2018

Great introductory course! I have very "rusty" experience with programming, but I am familiar with logic and computing terms. I feel like if you had very little "command line" experience in your past, you may need to learn a little before starting. But there is enough "walking through" it in this course that you will get it at least through literally doing exactly what's on the screen.

The instructor is awesome - great sense of humor, and teaches in a way that doesn't speak "down" to you, or too academic. I enjoyed this course.

创建者 Mayur E R B

Aug 21, 2018

I am a programmer for more than 15 years, and took this initiative to learn Python.

Couldn't have chosen a better course to get started. Even though this course is for the beginners, it made me rethink some of the basic constructs of a language afresh.

I had learnt the other languages like C#, Java, JavaScript etc, in a very haphazard manner and as and when required.

This course presents a pleasantly new way of learning a new language. Thanks Dr Chuck, also for all those interesting bonus videos at the end of each chapter!

创建者 Alfredo H

Nov 18, 2017

Amazing and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the methodology and even laughed at some classes. The professor explains everything in a thorough manner, and the teaching staff is always out there to help you as well. It gets even easier to learn if you also try to answer your questions through other means: google, the Python website, the course textbook, etc. I did not have any previous knoledge on any programming language and I surely reccomend this course to anyone willing to learn their way through computer programming.

创建者 Sohel S

Sep 01, 2019

This course is really simple and does what it says. It gets you started with Python and basic programming. If you are not introduced with Python at all and would like to learn, this should be your go to option. The instructor is really knowledgeable and really fun at the same time. I would like to advise on completing the next course "Python: Data Structures" as well to get acquainted with lists, dictionaries, tuples, etc. and programs utilizing these concepts. this would really round up the introductory concepts in Python.