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学生对 马里兰大学帕克分校 提供的 密码学 的评价和反馈

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This course will introduce you to the foundations of modern cryptography, with an eye toward practical applications....



Nov 18, 2016

Very interesting course. I would like programming assignments to be mandatory, not optional. Or at least there should be a way to get some information that the assignment is passed on Coursera page.


Nov 3, 2016

Wonderful and well organized course, it is really recommended to take it for those who are interested, which will definitely provide you with really understanding of cryptography!


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创建者 Ramnath K

Oct 24, 2017

It is good but I have to do extensive research of what is being thought and I have to study your book like Introduction to Modern Cryptography and attend other Cryptography online courses, only them I am able to understand this course. If more examples and solved problems will be provided then it will be very helpful. Samples programs are very good and able to solve. Thank you.

创建者 Timo S

Aug 21, 2017

I enjoyed the lextures. They covered a lot of material in very short time.

But i am deeply dissappointed of lack of examples, test exercises and disactive forum. If you dont get something right a way or you have any doubts, then you are sadly alone, because no-one is reading or giving correct answers on the forum;

创建者 Hernan G M

Dec 15, 2018

Interesting review of all crypto basics, maths. It is an starting point, the first gate, then you may go deeper and discover more details and applications.

创建者 Ansh S

Jun 15, 2017

It was mostly theory . Wished for understanding about tools , etc. and see and perform some real things. I don't know , I expected a tad more.

创建者 Ivan G

Jul 23, 2019

Very dull. Every time I try to watch a video, I find myself having a nap. Go for Cryptography I instead.

创建者 Malaval R

Jan 18, 2018

Very complex, but interresting

创建者 Harshil R

Oct 21, 2020

Good Course

创建者 Zili X

Jul 5, 2019

good course

创建者 Lawrence K

Oct 27, 2016

Too fast...

创建者 bollarapu p s

Oct 30, 2021



Sep 3, 2021


创建者 Janne O

Nov 22, 2019

I think this course is mostly useless. For people outside academia it's way too much in the weeds of formal proofs and mathematical constructs to give any practical knowledge to use in software engineering. On the other hand someone already in academia and studying mathematics and cryptography would probably already know this stuff. So I don't know what the target audience for this course is, but I know it's not me.

创建者 Ayo O

Mar 15, 2021

This course is hard to follow. Not much explanation or readable materials are provided just formulas that are unusable. As a mathematics student and a big fan of probability, I think each module need to be more polished and straight-forward to understand rather than just pouring formulas.

I find it very hard to follow and think I should be using the time to go over another course.

创建者 Itay G

Dec 5, 2020

The lessons were too long, it is very hard to stay focus on these videos.

创建者 Ibsa R H

Mar 24, 2022

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创建者 Adam R

Dec 5, 2016

This is a good course for deciding if you want to pursue a more advanced degree in Cryptography, Computer Science, or Mathematics, but As part of a Cyber Security specialization, your paying customers are most likely working professional engineers or programmers, interested in practical applications of cryptography that they can use in order to create secure systems and services. This is a mathematics course and your paying customers are not going to use the knowledge from this course in their jobs. This is not an indictment of the instructor, but of the content itself. It is the wrong content for your target customer.

创建者 Christian M T

Feb 29, 2016

I found some slides to be inaccurate which makes the material difficult to learn. Also I found the instructor's presentation style to be too abstract. I think a more practical style would be more suitable.


Dec 25, 2016

They say that if you don't have anything good to say it's better not to say anything at all.

创建者 J S

Dec 10, 2018

The way the course was tought increased the difficulty of the materials covered, needlesly.

创建者 Hager O

Aug 4, 2020

full of theoretical concepts