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Digital Media and Marketing Principles, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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The digital revolution has led to a titanic shift in the landscape of the marketing communication, while also creating new opportunities for businesses to reach and engage consumers through smart, social, and mobile media technologies. In this course, you will learn about the impacts of digital technologies on marketing communication strategies and practices. By understanding the underlying processes of marketing communication and the core features of new media technologies, you can strategically select the appropriate channels to deliver the right marketing message to the right audience at the right moment....


创建者 LM

Aug 30, 2015

Very good, informative and useful. My only wish is that the presenter was a bit more natural, rather than appearing to read the text off the screen all the time. But that is just a minor comment

创建者 BM

Oct 23, 2017

it was very very useful, a lot of important information. Hard exercises but awesome. the most course I enjoyed in this specialization. It's another world.You will really enjoy it a lot.


237 个审阅

创建者 Ade Ana

Dec 08, 2018

Good Course

创建者 Malgorzata Kicinska

Dec 03, 2018

Very well prepared with using several learning technique. I really appreciate effort invested in this course preparation.

创建者 Lai Fong Ching

Nov 27, 2018

Love the course. Thorough understanding on the topic. Thanks Prof. Yao.


Nov 26, 2018


创建者 Mehrdad khodadady

Nov 20, 2018

Thanks a lot for this great course

创建者 sohaila sameh elsayed ahmed

Nov 18, 2018

thanks for your effort

创建者 Gaurav Srivastava

Nov 12, 2018

2 feedback: (1) The reports referred in the course are old (not the current year/latest). (2) I couldn't learn India / Asia specific trends and best practices

创建者 Fabian Pfluger

Nov 07, 2018

good course with a lot of communication details.

创建者 Alexia LEFEBVRE

Oct 23, 2018

Good class, especially if you are a beginner

创建者 Danielle Loor

Oct 16, 2018

Great Course. The way the information was presented was ideal and useful. Very practical. I have learned a great deal. Very fun and interesting.