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In this foundational course, you will be challenged to develop as a leader. You will explore the concept of leadership, assess required competencies for today's leaders, learn more about yourself and how you can make effective and ethical decisions, identify how to build trusting relationships with others, and articulate a practice for growing as a leader. This course is part of Gies College of Business’ suite of online programs, including the iMBA, iMSA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into these programs and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at



Dec 16, 2020

I found this course to be very informative. I really enjoyed the Videos and i was very much surprised at the interactive sessions. I am encouraged to complete other courses.

A huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Jul 3, 2020

Honestly, its one of the most effective online foundational course on effective leadership. I'm particularly overwhelmed by the much I have learnt about utilising the group decision making process.


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创建者 girmai a

Sep 13, 2018

the most you read and discuss the most you win knowledge and to have course like the foundations of every day leadership in such a convenient time with your job and another social affairs is so great and i really appreciate the way of learning and teaching process and the given materials. wish the next course applications of everyday leadership to be the same as the last on. finally, i would like to thank our instructors for their valuable interests and contributions.

创建者 Khaled A F M B

Mar 9, 2020

A heartfelt thanks to the coaches especially the great author GREGORY NORTHCRAFT Thanks to the university that brought out this constellation of specialists and all thanks and appreciation to the great COURSERA site that allows the ambitious to develop their skills and develop their education and help them progress in their jobs or change their career path, all thanks in advance, and I will always be at Meet your expectations.

Khaled Ahmed Fouad Mohamed Badawy

创建者 Yan

May 15, 2017

Concepts are easy to understand and follow. Professor Northcraft is one of my favorite professors in Coursera. His courses are well-structured and get deeper and deeper gradually. The case study cases and the examples he used to explain were practical. Follow professor's pace I found myself completed the course without difficulties (oppositely it has given me lots of chances to think and discuss with others). Highly recommended.

创建者 Indrani R

Dec 17, 2020

I found this course to be very informative. I really enjoyed the Videos and i was very much surprised at the interactive sessions. I am encouraged to complete other courses.

A huge THANK YOU!!!!!!!

创建者 Neha S

May 27, 2020

This course help me understand the basic of leadership, it has a very simplifies structure and logical approach to everyday leadership. It also helps get the dynamics in a team and the importance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


Jun 28, 2018

Great course! Tons to learn about the art of leadership!

创建者 Rotem C

May 2, 2020

Extremely cumbersome, unfriendly and the worst: the grades are given partially by other students who see your name.

If you have an Israeli or Jewish surname: DO NOT STEP INTO THIS TRAP because no matter how excellent your assignment will be- you will still get an extremely low grade.

To sum it: Not worth it. Why bother?

创建者 Mike M

Jul 28, 2016

This course is sorely out of date and in need of a refresh. Using 2012 statistics to describe the state of global terrorism today may be an interesting history lesson, but only serves to show how much more dangerous previously safe regions are today.


Jul 24, 2021

Pros: 1. Good set of topics: Module 1: Head and Heart of Everyday Leadership; Module 2: Individual Decision Making; Module 3: Group Decision Making; Module 4: Managing Motivation 2. Prof. Gregory Northcraft is effective. 3. Practice quizzes and Peer-graded Assignments are valuable in checking one's understanding. 4. This is indeed a valuable component of Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization. Cons: 1. Peer reviews are not effective in providing valuable feedback. 2. Some peers did not understand the 120-word limit and the Rubric requirements. 3. Quizzes in Case Studies could be better although the video debriefs are good. 4. Forum threads contains assignment links only.

创建者 Mason F

Aug 30, 2017

I felt the score of 0 for exceeding the 120 word limit on peer reviewed essays was taken a bit too seriously by other students. I understand excessively long answers are not good but I received scores of zero for being less than ten words over the limit two times. Seems like students are a bit too inflexible. I had to make my answer less complete to satisfy the word limit which seemed like a worthless use of time and a trivial exercise.

创建者 MUSA A

Feb 20, 2018

I will advise that the case study should be structured in such a way that all partners can be more involved in the analysis. It should be designed in such a way that the group will submit a short write up as a solution to the case study.

With this, all partners will be more involved in the case study exercise.

Kudos to all the lecturers. You all impressed me. i have learn a lot but I know this is just the beginning, 6 courses to go.

创建者 Sourabh N

May 24, 2020

Course is structured very well with good assignments and case studies. The extra elements which most courses miss is what I think important in every course i.e. the case studies and assignments because it encourages you to think on course learnings and get to realise how well you have understood the course. I had a great time in learning this course. Also the staff is great with good knowledge and language control.

创建者 Maher O

Sep 12, 2018

Amazing course, helped me to know the main important aspects of everyday leadership skills. The videos are really informative and easy to structured. Maybe the reading were somehow difficult but I managed to benefit from them. The whole course is really structured in a smart and interactive way. Thank you Illinois university and coursera. Special thanks for the professors Gregory, Jeffery and Jack.

创建者 Joanna B

Jun 2, 2018

I really recommend this course for people who feel the need of expanding their knowledge in the broad field of leadership and management. It requires a lot of work especially for non-natives, even if we are using English on daily basis, but its worth it. If you can discipline yourself and work hard you will benefit from this course a lot. Taking on next one. Hope I encouraged someone.

创建者 Ana C S

Aug 15, 2020

Very interesting and complete materials, I was able to use the case study exercises with peers in my daily work to challenge the way we were doing things. The topic is amazing and the professors are highly engaging. The perfect course for professionals that work full time and want to complement their learnings at their own pace without having to leave their living room

创建者 Alessandro M

Dec 1, 2017

Excellent course. Lots of material, presented in a clear and compelling way. Some lectures can be a bit too fast to properly take notes and let the concepts sink in, but the chance to slow down videos or replay them makes that an easily solvable issue.

I also enjoyed the suggested readings, which help in giving a broader view of what's presented in each lecture.

创建者 Sizwe N

Sep 13, 2020

I enjoyed the course. It solidified some concepts and actions I have taken based on intuition. It also thought me new concepts that I will be able to apply in order to lead more effectively in future. I think I will be a little ore effective and more confident as a leader going forward. I am looking forward to going through the rest of the leadership courses.

创建者 Rahul

Aug 12, 2020

The course has provided an opportunity to learn the basics of decision making process in the most understandable language. Even those who are not at the top may understand how to behave in a group. Even these teachings are helpful in making decisions in informal groups in daily life. Thank you for providing the concept of leadership in the easiest way.

创建者 Pradip B

Sep 10, 2020

Course material and overall content are not good. The course curriculum is not well structured. Therefore i have dropped from the course. Please allow me to delete this course from my account.

创建者 Andrew A B

May 2, 2020

The course staff completely ignored a technical issue that prevented several learners from accessing the final case study. If it were not for that, I would have given this course full marks.

创建者 Ersin K

Dec 8, 2020

I enjoyed with Everyday Leadership course. It was a great experience, and I got the chance to sharpen my skills and pick up a few new ones along the way.

The course is nicely structured with reading modules , videos, case studies , essays, and quizzes.

Everyday Leadership course designed for about 6 hours per week for 4 week however I completed it in 2.5 weeks.

This course gave me more insights about leadership, decision making, inclusiveness, motivating the groups/teams.

During the course its also highlighted how to look positively to diverse experience's and value it and accept dissent voices within an organization.

To sum up the course really helps in identifying important aspects of being an effective leader, and quantifies it with breakdown the art of leadership to manageable tactics.

创建者 Sanjay B

Mar 28, 2022

Super explanations on every important terminologies. The logocal sequence of the course material gives an opportunity to connect the dots so impressively. I am really happy about the course material. Video Lectures are like sitting in front of the professor in a class room. Super feeling after successful completion of the course. Looking forward to do more courses to make my working in a group / teams in a company becomes more meaningful, impactful and result oriented. Thanks to all faculty members for their contributions in teaching the course so well.

创建者 Chetna T

Sep 13, 2020

Just Loved the breadth and depth of this course. Helped me understand so many amazing concepts on motivation, group biases like composition, participation and influence, appreciate how I can leverage diversity as my tool to gauge better decisions and opinion by encouraging distributed leadership and make the decisions using decision tree analysis to reduce the heuristics bias! Wow.. This course gave me a new lingo and business jargon! Kudos to iMSM course creators and the professors and staff at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign! Thanks so much!

创建者 Laila k k

Jul 4, 2022

I have immensely enjoyed this course and shall be coming back to it more than once. It was so interesting, I actually completed the four weeks in one. I have taken copious notes, and have been practising retrieval from long term memory... Understanding how it works I am sure will help me hugely not only professionally but otherwise additionally. I thank our Teachers for putting together so much substance, each sentence of the lectures to be recalled if possible! Frankly as they say in Spain, Ole Ole Ole.....

创建者 Farhan A

Sep 3, 2020

Foundations of Everyday Leadership provided a framework for leaders, which is highly needed in today's time. I have learned so many aspects on leaders and followers, in addition to the need of transparency and motivation in decision making and decision implementation with wide support across an organization. In fact, I have started using leadership concepts and knowledge through these modules in my day-to-day interactions with my colleagues for effective collaboration. Thank you.